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Should I Get Another Cat? Cat Lovers Speak Out

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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We posed a question to our wonderful cat lovers.


I have an 8-year-old cat that lost his cat companion about 2 months ago. The cat had been with him since day one (died when he was 14 years old). Should I get another cat?

  • Yes, get another cat - 85.5%
  • No, don't get another cat - 14.9%

    Most cat owners said yes, you should get another cat.

    We further asked for comments on why the responders felt one way or another. This is what they told us:
    1.        Give the cat some time to adjust, if he seems very unhappy adopt an adult at from a shelter, not a kitten
    2. this cat sad or ok? Maybe a younger girl kitten if he seems to miss companionship.
    3.        Get another cat, but be sure that the new cat is younger and smaller than the remaining cat so that dominance is clear.
    4.        adopt a cat or puppy
    5.        Depends on how the cat is accepting the loss. If the pet appears depressed, you may want to get him another companion. If the cat is alright, leave things alone.
    6.        Your kitty needs a friend.
    7.        How is the cat acting? I have cats that were glad to see thier companions go much to my surprise-they apparently wanted to the ONLY cat
    8.        Wouldn't that depend on if the cat is lonely and seems to want another companion?
    9.        But possibly an older cat who likes other cats.
    10.        A companion would be great, do you want another cat?
    11.        this depends on the cat; is the cat lonely without the friend? if the cat is fine, then I'd say no to another cat. At this age, some cats really enjoy being the only one. But some love and thrive being with another cat friend.
    12.        It depends on your elder cat. A kitten may be a little much for the elder survivor to handle.
    13.        Give your cat loads of love and attention to the point that he/she will be glad not to have to share.
    14.        Cautiously introduce another CAT (not KITTEN) into the home.
    15.        Try introducing a shelter cat with the understanding it can be returned if your cat does not adjust.
    16.        Take your time before chosing a new companion for your cat. Depending on your cat's character decide whether you want a kitten or another adult cat
    17.        if you think your cat will get along, and you are prepaped for another 20 years, go ahead!
    18.        Have a trial introduction.
    19.        Wait and see. When my cat lost her brother, she became much closer to my husband and me. When we brought a neighbors kitten inside, she responded very negatively. We decided not to get another cat and she seemed happy and content with just her human companions.
    20.        if your kids little brother dies you just going to go pick up one from the localfoster care center, seeings as, you know theyre all prety much the same . . . w.t.f.
    21.        Try to introduce it to another cat. If no luck, then the cat will be ok.
    22.        adopt a cat that is cat friendly, the same age, and opposite sex of yours
    23.        If the cat has adjusted fine, then no. If it is lonely, maybe.
    24.        If the cat seems sad then get her another cat. If she seems fine, leave it be.
    25.        It depends on your cat. The older the cat, the less likely the cat will welcome new companions. I think, if he's starting to go into a depression over it (like refusing to eat), then I'd think about getting a kitten, since older cats understand when newcomers are kittens.
    26.        Do you really want another cat?
    27.        I really don't know
    28.        wait a while then get a kitten (less threatening)
    29.        Consult an animal communicator to ask the cat his preference.
    30.        does your remaining cat seem to be mourning and/or lonely? If so, then you might consider a kitten. Or you might spend more quality time with your remaining pet to see if that helps
    31.        Does the cat seem lonely or enjoy being an only cat? Some cats like companions, some prefer to have the undivided attention, but this cat seems young enough to tolerate another companion.
    32.        Not right away anyway. A single cat would probably be fine.
    33.        But don't get a kitten, adopt another older cat.
    34.        companion ship. You cant replace loss, but you can add new.
    35.        older cats love young kittys,he will take him under his wing
    36.        Carefully.
    37.        If your cat is alone alot it may be a good idea to get another, but it may take awile for them to get along. If your cat doesn't seem to be missing his friend too much I wouldn't worry about it.
    38.        sorry about loss, but very silly question, depends on circumstances
    39.        they may not get along
    40.        The memory will dim in time if you prefer to have no other pet.
    41.        Gradually introduce as it may be difficult for them to bond
    42.        Consult with your vet what is best for your now solo cat
    43.        You will not replace his buddy. My Luke has been so sad since our Earl ran away 2.5 months ago. We ended up taking in a stray that needed a home desperately (it would have been put down had it gone to a shelter- that's how bad of shape she was in), our Luke didn't take kindly to her at first, but they are slowly becoming friendly and playful.
    44.        it depends if he is ok or not. behaviour problems?acts lonley? are you home during the day? do you have time to integrate the two cats so they get along????
    45.        you can try to introduce him to another cat. i would recommend a kitten but i think thats still kinda "iffy"
    46.        That is a very hard and complex questions. The answer depends on many things.
    47.        Shelters, many times, can recommend cats that are "cat friendly".
    48.        Don't get another cat right away. Groom and love on the remaining cat. My last cat grieved for about a year before she adjusted.
    49.        Iwould wait
    50.        that is hard to say, I have that right now, 3 yrs after companion cat died.
    51.        but not right away.
    52.        I'd wait awhile.
    53.        Get 2 kittens that won't displace is rank or aggrevate him with too much activity - but entertain and entice him.
    54.        only if the cat seems lonely.
    55.        Depends on the surviving cat if it misses the companion get him another
    56.        I t depends on the cat and if he or she would adjust to another new cat
    57.        an adult cat
    58.        wait awhile and then get a friend
    59.        Depends on whether owner wants and will care for another cat!
    60.        wait a lil while for the cat to finish grieving they are like

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    Should I Get Another Cat? Cat Lovers Speak Out

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