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Should I Get Another Cat? Cat Lovers Speak Out

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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61.        wait awhile and see how the cat does
62.        if cat is alone while you are at work, think about getting another one
63.        is the cat unhappy alone?
64.        if you are ready, and get an older kitty that needs a home.
65.        Decide if the cat is lonely. If so, the shelter will allow you to "try out" or foster a cat for a week, to see if it's a good solution.
66.        the sooner, the better. If they are used to having a companion, then it isn't fair to them to be alone especially when you are away.
67.        Think this through thoroughly, we got another cat and it is a disaster
68.        If the cat seems lonely and you think it would accept another cat, get one. If the cat seems contented being an only child, don't.
69.        I let mine pick.
70.        Get one that is close in appearance of the cat that died. One that is a "little" younger and you know has lived with cats before. Go through the recommended introduction process and try Feliway to smooth the way.
71.        try foster sitting for humane society for a while
72.        that depends on your circumstances and the remaining cats personality
73.        Wait awhile before getting another cat, pets grieve and need time to adjust then think about getting kitty another friend
74.        from a shelter in honor of his companion, makes sure to follow proper cat into
75.        It really depends on how the cat seems to be acting, if he's lonely or if he's all right....
76.        Please read up on how to introduce the new cat
77.        It depends on the remaining cat. I've lost kitties and the others truly mourned. I've also lost a couple and I swear one or two did a happy dance on the dining room table. How much one-on-one time are you able to spend with the remaining kitty? Is the kitty depressed? Is it due to your sadness or because (s)he misses the buddy? It all depends on the cat!
78.        It depends. Cats mourn when they lose their playmates. If he seems lonely, you can try to get another. Some cats like being an only cats, others do not. Be careful when picking one -- maybe get an older one as well?
79.        If he's lonely why not see about getting another cat who does well with cats
80.        wait awhile and see how it goes - it might thrive being an only child now
81.        Go to shelter get one very socialized already about same age.
82.        Get a younger cat but not a kitten
83.        Talk to your local shelter and describe your cats personality so they can best match someone to him.
84.        then let them get to know each other slowly
85.        The cat may not readily accept a new companion, you need to spend time with the remaining cat until it settles and then decide on a 2nd pet.
86.        If he's used to other cats, he should adjust, as long as he knows he's number 1 cat. Also helps to get a female or non-alpha male (like from a shelter) who has a good history with other cats.
88.        Depends. Work with an animal organization to try out cats to see if your cat will accept a new cat.
89.        The cat is greiving her loss, so wait a few months and she will let you know when she is ready to accept another companion
90.        Only get another cat if your cat seems to miss his companion. Many times, the surviving cat will revel in the one-on-one attention, food dish that does not need to be shared. A new cat may create unwanted competition...
91.        Either way, your 8-year-old will adjust in about 2-3 weeks.
92.        well how is the cat reacting without the cat? is it moping around looking like he's lost his best friend? either way i think u should give it a couple months. getting another cat right away may not be the answer.
93.        another cat would be too stressful for the current cat to deal with
94.        Give the cat that is alive more attention
95.        have a friend bring a cat over to see if your cat wants to socialize first.
96.        If you don't want another cat pay more attention to the remaining cqt, I have same problem with my dog, her sister died 2 years ago and now she sleeps with me , If she wants, and I try not to leave her alone ,also spend over an hour every morning walking her.(with a cat the time could be spent brushing and playing with him.
97.        Depends on the cat-give it a try, but have alt. plan in case it doesnt work out.
98.        depends on how the cat is acting and whether the owner feels that it is suffering without a playmate. if yes, find a cat similiar age that has a suitable temperment.
99.        Try a kitten or a mellow adult cat. It may take awhile for the older cat to get along, but most of them time they will welcome another one.
100.        Get another cat but introduce them SLOWLY and properly to avoid cat fights.
101.        I have this problem and don't know what to do.
102.        try bringing in some cats and see if your cat likes, if your cat likes the company, find a suitable companion cat if possible of similar personality to the one that died
103.        Cats grieve the loss of companions. Get a new kitty but take time to do the introductions gradually and get some info on doing it right!
104.        Depends on the cat: is he depressed? Do you want another cat? Don't get a young cat that would over whelm the older one.
105.        only if you want another cat,your cat still has you.
106.        Introduce the cat's very slowly. Go to to learn how. My 16 year old cat lost her 13 year old companion. I got 2 kittens that are litter mates. It took a while but they are all living together happily now.
107.        Cats this age don't adjust well to a new kitten or cat. I give my remaining cat more attention and treats from my hand twice a day.
108.        It depends on the personality of the cat.
109.        If cat seems lonely, see if you can get another cat on a "trial" basis to see if it gets along with yours. Or, you could try getting a rabbit that has it's own space away from the cat so they can become accustomed slowly.
110.        Spend more time with the one left until he is okay with being alone.
111.        if the cat seems lonely get another one, but some cats like to be the only one so it depends on how the cat is acting
112.        After a while, foster a cat to see if the 8-year-old will accept another one.
113.        Take a cat on a trial basis to be ssure they get along
114.        Depends on the personality of the cat. If this cat is very social (and it sounds like he is), another cat might be a good idea. For many cats, however, a new cat will make a bad situation worse.
115.        Wait for awhile before getting another companion
116.        depends on how the cat is doing w/o companion - it could live another half of it's life with or without a companion
117.        but I would avoid getting a kitten, and do a sample visit to see if the cats will get along
118.        if the cat seems depressed then yes or try to give it more attion
119.        This one depends on the cat, but I did get another cat when one of mine died, and they became best friends.
120.        I think this would depend on the cat. If kitty is left alone a lot, it might be a good idea (being careful to introduce them properly and force things too quickly); if kitty has lots of human companionship, kitty might be o.k.

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Should I Get Another Cat? Cat Lovers Speak Out

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