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Should I Get Another Cat? Cat Lovers Speak Out

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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121.        At least right away. Let the cat and you get over the companion before chosing another.
122.        Adopt another senior cat. Don't get a kitten.
123.        it depends upon the cat, is the cat lonely or depressed? Can you give it extra attention?
124.        Only if he seems to be missing the companion. he may like being the only cat and getting all your attention
125.        Wait. Consider another cat after time has passed.
126.        if he wants another one get, if he does not want another don't!!!
127.        Get another cat after a few months to allow the cat to grieve and forget
128.        You can find great cat companions at your local no-kill shelter. Some of the rescues work on a foster care basis and they can tell you which cats get along with other cats. And you can pick the age you want your 8 year old cat may not want a kitten driving him nuts.
129.        after a mourning time possibly another older cat from a shelter
130.        Take the cat to the local shelter and let him pick a new friend
131.        We lost a favourite cat, who had been a companion to our other cat. She wandered around like a "lost kitten", meowing, not eating etc., so we decided that besides giving our little boy a lot of affection, that we would get another cat. It was a match made in heaven. They play, sleep and eat together, and it didn't take long for our baby to get used to the new kid. Yes, Snuffmuffin is younger, but he needed love as well, so he now has a forever home, and a forever companion to be with.
132.        Not yet. Let kitty grieve for awhile
133.        wow dont know if the cat would take to it
134.        Depends on how the cat is adjusting. I lost 3 others acted like no big deal. Cats are hunters, survivors....the strongest one lives...they adjust.
135.        Try to introduce another cat, kitten would be easiest.
136.        But get a kitten - if you got another grown cat, they might not get along.
137.        Eventually, you might want to consider another cat, but in the meantime, give this cat alot of loveand comfort. They also mourn and need comforting.
138.        I had the same quandry. When one died the other went into a lifetime grief. She was never the same after that. Now I have a 2 year old and her campion just died. We both went into depression. The odd thing is that Pamfer seemed to understand what I was feeling because I'd say to her, "I know Pamfie , I miss Foona too." She'd jump up on me and let me cry on her fur and put her paws around my neck and nuzzle. I didn't want her to end up like my other cat, so I went to the Humane Society and selected a younger cat with the same temperament. I put him in isolation for 10 days and they started playing pawsies under the door. Then I put my older cat in the bathroom and let the little guy have the run of the house for two days to get his scent all over the house. Next I put the little one back in the bathroom and let the older one out again. Now I put the little one in a carrier and periodically put him out where the other cat was. Then, when I was home to supervise all day, I let the little guy out. After two days of hissing. things settled down. They chase each other and indulge in typical cat play. Pamfer cleans Simbas ears and Simba cleans up the Pamfer. They are now fast friends. I think it's just a matter of knowing the one cat's personality, selecting another similar and then introducing them the right way. It takes time and patience and yes, some inconvenience at first. But in the end, what's important is to do what's best for the animal.
139.        But let him get used to the new one SLOWLY
140.        Only get a new cat if you want one. Cat will be ok.
142.        My cat lost his friend of 12 years, got diagnosed with lung cancer. We did not treat the cancer. Bought 2 kittens. Over a year later, cat is still alive, cancer in remission. I am convinced it's because I bought the kittens--he was lonely and grieving himself to death.
143.        get an older cat from a shelter, not a kitten
144.        This just happened in my home. I'll leaving shortly to pick up a kitten for my three year old cat who just lost her best friend (it was a 16 year old cat). The other cat in the house could care less, but the younger one is heartbroken. Cats need company.
145.        I'd love a complete answer to this one myself (for my 14 year old in the same position). I would say try a new cat unless the remaining cat is over 10 years old
146.        The cat already has to deal with grief, don't give it more grief with a usurper coming to live with you and getting your attention
147.        Definitely get your cat another companion. He is used to the companionship of one of his own kind. I would say get a kitten, maybe a little older kitten, as they are more adaptable and the older cat will soon join in with a kittens antics.
148.        Just as with humans, when one passes on, it can not just be replaced. They are not interchangeable. Try spending some extra time with your cat and watch how the cat is dealing with the loss. If the cat is acting depressed or lonely, you may want to get another one. If not, and the cat adjusts to just you and the cat, it may give you both a closer bond with each other.
149.        Try bringing home a kitten and see how your cat reacts.
150.        Give your 8-year old a little time to mourn the loss first.
151.        Give your kitty extra attention, some interactive games, cat videos, etc. Have someone visit your cat during the day and give him some attention.
152.        depends how the cat is dealing with the lost of his friend
153.        If your cat seems lonely, yes. Otherwise, its up to you.
154.        Get him a girl kitten, that will snuggle up to him. I ahve found that opposites attract, especially if the new comer is a little one.
155.        one dies the other will usually follow, adopt an older cat 3 or 4(kittens too hyper)
156.        If the lone cat seems to be suffering, get another friend for him. Be very selective and get a cat with similar personality and be prepared to return the newest cat if it's not a good match. don't stress your older cat by getting a rambunctious kitten!
157.        Unless YOU really want one, not because you think your cat needs a companion.
158.        But introduce slowly. My female cat still fights with my tabby and its 7 years.
159.        Depends on whether or not he misses him. If he does, get another cat. Some cats are happy to have you by themselves. So depends on how he is.
160.        thats a hard one--if the cat likes other cats it may work but if the cat only liked the one it may be more upset by the new cat
161.        see if the cat is showing signs of wanting another cat around, take the cat to a shelter and see if it picks a companion
162.        When you get the kitten, take an old piece of something with the scent of the cat and rub it on him - may help in the transition to a new kitty
163.        Only if you can find a cat of the same temperament.
164.        try to introduce another cat
165.        Save a life. Adopt a shelter cat.
166.        get a kitten and give the older cat time to warm up and take charge!
167.        Depends on the cat - if he seems lonely or depressed he may benefit from another cat
168.        depends on how your cat adjusts to being alone, might prefer it over adjusting to a "stranger"
169.        This would help the grieving cat and fill the void left by the deceased pet. Go to an animal shelter. So many animals need to be adopted.

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Should I Get Another Cat? Cat Lovers Speak Out

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