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Should I Get Another Cat? Cat Lovers Speak Out

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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170.        Yes, but not a kitten
171.        He will get another cat when he is ready. its his choice.
172.        If you think that your cat will tolerate a new arrival (after having been introduced very slowly).
173.        Help him through the grief process with love and kindness, and don't get another cat.
174.        By all means get another cat, but introduce them slowly.
175.        Yes, adopt another cat from a local shelter and consider an adult cat over a kitten.
176.        Depends on how the kitty is dealing with it.
177.        I have six cats & a dog. Everytime 1 dies within 3 months I get an another one.
178.        Let this cat be the king for the remainder of his days.
179.        give him more attention and assess.
180.        Depends on the personality of the surviving cat.
181.        An older cat would probably be a better option than a playful kitten
182.        only if he seems to really miss him and YOU really want another cat
183.        depends on your particular cat
184.        wait a little longer to see if behavior problems
185.        I might add, it will take some time to adjust, but they will most likely get along
186.        get 2 kittens of the opposite sex of the older cat
187.        I'd get another cat, but not a kitten. A kitten's antics might drive an older cat crazy. Get an adult cat you know likes other cats.
188.        ? I don't know, as again, this has never happened to me !
189.        but you have to introduce a new cat very carefully and the old cat may never accept the new one. Rather than getting a kitten that has energy plus that may drive the older cat crazy, adopt an older cat from a shelter who will be more settled down and the two of them can grow old together.
190.        Observe your cat and see if they seem depressed and lonely, looking for a companion. If so, you might work with your vet and/or a local animal rescue to find a suitable companion for him. Animals can grieve and become lonely/depressed if they're accustomed to a buddy!
191.        Let the remaining cat grieve for a while...then get a kitten of the opposite sex of the 8 year old cat
192.        Difficult situation. A new pet will ever replace the companion but could help in distracting the pain the other might be feeling.
193.        give him extra attention and see how he adjusts. Sometimes a kitten can help
194.        As soon as possible, preferably a kitten
195.        Not sure. Older animals don't always adapt well to new ones.
196.        since you are already used to caring for 2 animals, you should. even if the old cat is never as close to the new cat as it was with the one that died, it will still appreciate the company.
197.        depends on the remaining cat
198.        Try fostering first, may take a while. Kitten has worked for me also have adopted another 6 yr. old worked too.
199.        Don't feel obligated to get another cat unless it's clear that the survivor needs another companion - weight loss, etc.

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Should I Get Another Cat? Cat Lovers Speak Out

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