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Should I Get Another Cat? Cat Lovers Speak Out

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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200.        Yes but need to introduce slowly and be considerate of first kitty
201.        I recently had this happen to me, and I got two new cats, maybe a little too soon. My old female refused to get along with the two new boys, and I had to find a new home for her at age 16.
202.        Wait six months to a year to let him grieve. Then get a kitten.
203.        wait a while before getting another cat.
204.        might want to see how cat acts around another cat first.if possible
205.        Depends on how the at is acting. I had a 16 year old cat that lost his companion and littermate but didn't seem to miss her at all and seeme dto enjoy his extra time with me. Also, depends on age and activity level of cat. My 13 year old cat was delighted when we added two kittens to the household and became their foster "mother" but two years later at 15, he couldn't stand the orphaned kitten we were fostering--it was just too active for him.
206.        yes, but go to a no kill shelter and explain the situation. they should let you bring the cat back and try with another if the first adopter did not work. keep trying until you find the right fit.
207.        If the cats is behaving OK then another cat is not needed.
208.        8 yrs is not to old to adjust to a new companion, I would recommend a 2 yr old, not a kitten
209.        Depends on how close they were. The younger cat might be glad to have the place to itself.
210.        Cats need time to grieve, just like humans. My experience is that 2 months is about the right time to introduce new friend.
211.        if the cat seems lonely get another cat, perhaps of the same age and slowly introduce them to each other
212.        Not sure
213.        Wait and see. If the cat continues to grieve, consider getting another cat.
214.        Really depends on the cat. Maybe a foster to see how the cat takes to it. If not a problem you can adopt.
215.        Consult with the vet
216.        give him more loving
217.        Find an adult cat who is accustomed to being with other cats and try to see if they warm up to each other.
218.        adopt a shelter cat on a trial basis. If it doesn't work out the shelter will take their cat back, but give it time
219.        let the cat greive and then try to introduce a new cat
220.        that is personal preference
221.        Better question is can you accept another cat. Your cat will get use to it either way
222.        Impossible to say without knowing the cat. If you do go ahead with an adoption, choose carefully, keep them apart at first then inroduce slowly. First impressions can make or break a cat relationship.
223.        It depends on if the cat is depressed
224.        Yes but be choosy, not any cat will do
225.        Wait a month or so until your cat stops looking for his missing buddy. Then consider getting another young cat, not a kitten, not an older cat. See how it goes.
226.        Introducing another cat to an older one can be a problem. I know it happeded to me.
227.        Cats need companions too.
228.        Wait for awhile for both of you to deal with the loss - then get another cat!
229.        Depends on the remaining cat. If they would accept a new cat friend then it would be a good idea.
230.        Yes, get another cat -- it would have been preferable to introduce a third cat when the deceased cat was about 13 yrs old.
231.        It would seem to depend on whether you wanted another pet and if the first one was grieving for companionship. Perhaps adopting an older cat from a shelter would help.
232.        cats can really grieve a loss like this, and decline, or demonstrate personality changes. introduce a new friend slowly, be patient, and let them create their own relationship as they adjust.
233.        If you get another companion for the cat and the new cat is much younger then just be prepared to have to get the new cat a companion when the time comes. Maybe try a fish or something small to keep your cats attention and if that doesn't help then go for it and get another cat. Our animals deserve to be happy too!
234.        wait a while before getting another companion; the cat and you need to grieve a while. Meanwhile, dote on him more.
235.        I beloved cat lost her brother of 7 years. I just got a kitten and they are adjusting nicely. If the cat is social, you should get a kitten with a good temperment
236.        i'm going thru same, am thinking of a kitten companion for my other cat
237.        It depends on how the 8 yr old cat would respond to a new cat
238.        If you can deal with having another one. The cat who lost his companion and you as well will benefit from bringing another companion into the fold. Don't rush into anything. You'll know when the time and the new cat is right.
239.        not sure what to do. if the cat left is old then not a good idea
240.        if cat looks like it's lonely, get another cat.
241.        we are facing this situation. am waiting to hear from others!
242.        Not sure....How is cat adjusting to the loss?
243.        Absolutely get another cat!
244.        You could actually let your cat decide! A lot of shelters now allow "bonding time" for old and potentially new pets and let your cat pick who they might be very surprised! I have a keeshond that only was raised around other dogs and she loves kittens!
245.        Depends on how the cat is dealing with it. If he is moping and unhappy, then yes get another cat.
246.        yes, I'd get another cat. He's probably lonely as well as missing his companion. Another cat would distract him from the hole left by his fur buddy. But try to find one he particularly gets along with if possible.
247.        Don't get another cat - if he's that old, it will traumatize him. Give him extra love and attention.
248.        Observe your cat and see if it seems to want company. Get advice from friends who have been in the same situation.
250.        A new kitten would be good; I don't recommend getting an older cat
251.        Again, happened to me; I quickly replaced the pet within 1 week
252.        but get a kitten, I was in the same situation recently and it's easier to introduce a kitten into the household
253.        a kitten, LATER, might help.
254.        Try getting a kitten
255.        Give it time and get one when you feel ready also
256.        be forewarned that your surviving cat may not take to another cat immediately -- or ever.
257.        a kitten, so they are to pissed to be depressed. They will be okay in time with the kitten
258.        Wait and see a bit longer...maybe 6 months or so.
259.        Depends on the cat some adjust to a new friend some won't

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Should I Get Another Cat? Cat Lovers Speak Out

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