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Should I Get Married to a Man with Dogs that hate my Cats? Cat Lovers Speak Out

By: Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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41.        the word of god-cats stay-men come and go
42.        get married and deal with it.
43.        It's usually in the introductions. Of course, if the dogs are Jack Russells or a breed that can be a problem with cats (greyhounds LOVE to chase anything and will usually stress cats to no end), you need to remember the commitment to your cats of a forever home. Try introducing them slowly; try working with a professional dog trainer; don't ever just 'hope it works out".
44.        You can acclimate the dogs and cats if done correctly. It takes time and perserverance.
45.        The animals were there first and more likely would be there longer than the humans in the situations. best thing to do in the long run after you break up with this guy for the sake of the animals, is interview the next possible date regard this situation. You are your cats whole life, you are respondible for them, same for the guy.
46.        If you do it slowly, you can settle cats and dogs into a shared environment as long as they both have areas they can escape to. My cats live happily with 2 dogs
47.        Perhaps build aseparate outdoor enclosure for one or both groups, so they have their own territory
49.        I have 12 cats and 3 dogs....they all live together in peace. The dogs needed to be leashed when introduced, and taught NOT to CHASE, the cats learned NO ATTACKS were allowed...
50.        if the two really care for each other they will have to find a way to co-exist with all the animals it out!
51.        probably the cats will be very unhappy with this route anyway, we did this in my house - the cats urinated in places they weren't supposed to - much better when the dog and the man left
52.        Hopefully eventually the dogs and cats will get along, it's all on how you introduce them to each other.
53.        bring the animals on a picnics in a park that allows animals with cat and dog treats and see what happens to you, fiance, cats and dogs
55.        I have no idea. Some dogs will kill cats. Be careful.
56.        try it out, but protect the cats if the dogs truly hate cats. Decide on your priorities.
57.        If its not a good thing,live with your cats,he can live with his dogs.
58.        This will never work. Big red flag here unless you are both committed to a lot of changes in your attitude about dogs and cats.
59.        When my husband and I married 20 years ago he had 2 dogs and I had 1 dog and 3 cats. One of his dogs had even killed cats; however, with controlled introductions to my cats she accepted them as part of her household.
60.        Get training for the dogs and get them used to each other but keep them apart unless supervised.
61.        Way too many pets! Perhaps the dogs could be outside or...find another fiance.
62.        Take the dogs to obedience training; "fog" the house with Feliway for both dogs and cats
63.        I would NEVER give up my animals for someone. You make the commitment to them when you brought them home!!
64.        You should have thought this out before you became engaged! You're really screwed at this point. If either of you give up your animals, then you're rotten people. If you put the animals together, your cats are likely to be killed.
65.        try to bond the animals a little each day maybe one at a time
66.        This works also when combining cats from 2 households. Eventually they may get along.
67.        otherwise one of you may need to find new homes for your pets or a more compatible mate. Is this the only area you don't agree on? Maybe pre-marriage counseling is in order.
68.        If there is no up or downstairs, separate by rooms.
69.        My daughter moved back home with 2 boxers that did't like cats, but now my 6 and the dogs are the best of friends. They can learn to live together
70.        Live together, dogs outside, cats inside
71.        If hubby and I can do it, so can anyone else. The fact that we both love all kinds of animals is a big plus. It wasn't easy, but all of our animals have a good relationship with each other now. (Sort of like marriage,you solve the problems together, and you don't quit because you don't like the way things are going. You pull together and solve the problem.)
72.        You can successfully introduce them to each other if you take it slow and always allow each animal to have a space they can call their own.
73.        Only you can decide this one
74.        Figure it out or separate.
75.        This is a disaster waiting to happen. All it will take is for one animal to hurt the other - and believe me, it will be over in a New York minute.Just ask yourself how you would react if one of his dogs killed one of your cats.
76.        Get help from an animal behaviorist
77.        slowly integrate the animals until they get along
78.        it will take time patience and work but you should be able to get them to adapt you and fiance have to work together and not get frustrated or defensive of your pets
79.        the animals will work it all out
80.        Never the twain shall meet. The woman is usually the main pet caretaker so she should like who she is cleaning up after

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Should I Get Married to a Man with Dogs that hate my Cats? Cat Lovers Speak Out

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