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Should I Visit a Friend with Annoying Cat Hair? Cat Lovers Speak Out

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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161.        Bring a lint brush with you and leave it in your car.
162.        I usually offer a brush to clean their clothes.
163.        Bring lint rollers along or always have then in your car.
164.        Invite her over and say you're allergic to fur.
165.        And it wouldn't hurt to either make a point of using your own hair removal tool before you leave the house, or to ask her for hers.
166.        Always carry a lint roller with you.
167.        arrange to meet somewhere else
168.        wear light color clothing
169.        wear cloths you dont mind getting hair on
170.        have coffee out, see a movie, have dinner at a restaurant, in the summer visit in her yard or have her visit at your house
171.        Carry a lint roller with you and deal with the hair. With seven cats, keeping all the hair vacuumed is impossible, and cat hair shouldn't end a friendship.
172.        Take a lint roller and use it discretely in the restroom before you leave.
173.        Pets shed. Deal with it.
174.        Cat hair is unavoidable. We consider it a condiment.
175.        Buy your own supplies to deal with the hair.
176.        the cats live there - you don't. keep a lint brush in your car.
177.        don't visit or come armed with lint rollers !
178.        Bring a lint brush if none is provided.
179.        Get a lint brush.
180.        Meet her other places or carry a sticky brush to clean up after
181.        Cat hair doesn't have to be a problem if the house is kept vacuumed, etc.
182.        have your friend come over to your house and tell her it is because of the cat hair
183.        Keep a roller in your car and deal with the hair after.
184.        meet some where else,besides her house.
185.        Buy a pet hair roller to remove the hair when leaving her house
186.        keep a lint brush in the car to dehair when you leave
187.        bring your lint roller and roll it over you as you leave
188.        Visit her outside of her home
189.        Wear something that doesn't pick up much cat hair. Or bring a lint roller and use it where you're sitting.
190.        binrg a lint brush with you to clean off your clothes after you leave
191.        keep a lint ermoving brush in the car and brush down after you leave, also don't wear black!
192.        This is tough, I have 2 cats, one long hair and it is a problem. If it is truly bothersome you can't visit. 7 cats, TOO MANY!!!!
193.        Thank her--cat hair is beautiful on any outfit.
194.        Wear something that doesn't show the hair or invite her to your house
195.        Invite the friend to YOUR home when you want to visit.
196.        or suggest she tell you where you can sit that is cat hair free.
197.        meet her somewhere else
198.        Carry a de-linter and don't be afraid to use it. If she's a sensible person she won't be offended
199.        leave a hair remover roller in your car and bring one to her house, she probally doesn't really realize it
200.        Keep a lint remover in the car to deal with the hair, or a change of clothes, if this friend is worth keeping.
201.        I have 8 cats and people that visit know it and I always tell people ahead of time.
202.        You are already helping clean.
203.        Either put up with the hair or stop visiting.
204.        wear t-shirt and jeans that can be easily washed after the visit
205.        or visit at a neutral place if the hair is that big of a problem.
206.        if this is your friend, you'll deal with the hair. or, invite her to your place instead.
207.        Invite her to your home, or meet in a neutral location.
208.        Bring a lint brush with you so as soon as you go to leave just go into the bathroom and remove the hair.
209.        you know she has cats that have hair, thus you will leave with hair. Wear old clothes when visiting.
210.        wear your oldest clothes

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Should I Visit a Friend with Annoying Cat Hair? Cat Lovers Speak Out

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