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Slippers was Meant for Her

By: Petplace Staff

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Doesn't it seem like every animal that joins us as family was sent to us for a reason? Every cat that comes into our homes brings us the love that we need in a difficult time or teaches us something about the world with their wonderful personality. Sometimes though, a cat seems to joins our family in a particularly meaningful way. I just read a wonderful story about a special cat that brought a special kind of love to her adoptive family. You can read the whole story here!

Diane Klajbor in Milwaukee, Wisconsin notes that she was pretty sure she was a "dog" person. Her beloved golden retriever, Lady had been the light of her life for fourteen years. Lady had cemented Diane's love for dogs and her passing was particularly difficult. When it was time to bring another new friend into her home though, it wasn't a dog that Diane chose. She told herself that with the house empty most of the day it was more practical to find a cat to adopt.

Slippers, a 6 year-old ragdoll was the chosen feline. Diane notes that it took no time at all before they were fast friends. She thought there was something special about this cat. Then a particular incident may her certain.

Slippers had been living with Diane for a few weeks and was curled up in a corner of the couch while Diane watched television. She was watching a show about angels and how they arrived in moments of great need such as the loss of a loved one and a thought occurred to her. She looked over at Slippers and asked, "Did Lady send you to me?" Slippers head popped up and she looked Diane directly in the eyes, holding her gaze as she reached out with a paw and placed it in the center of her hand.

Diane says that this was when she knew that Lady, her beloved dog had sent her Slippers and that this lovely cat was meant to be her new buddy. This was also when Diane became an equal opportunity animal lover, loving dogs and cats just the same.

Do you have a story about a wonderful cat that came to you in your hour of need? Be sure to share!

Until next time...

Petplace Staff

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Slippers was Meant for Her

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