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Smelly, but Sweet!

By: Petplace Staff

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No cat is perfect, but so often the ones that find their way into our homes are perfect for us! After all, even our friends and spouses have annoying habits and imperfections. This is what makes everyone and ever pet an individual. This is why we can love then all in different ways and for exactly who they are. I just read the cutest story about a cat that doesn't sound perfect at all, but is adored just the same.
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Angel Wells of Martinsburg, West Virginia writes about a cat that snuck into their hearts despite his imperfections. Angel and her daughter often foster cats from the local Humane Society where her daughter volunteers. When cats come in sick or orphaned which would otherwise be euthanized, they bring them home and rehabilitate them, giving them the best chance to find a forever home.

One particular cat came to their home after having been thrown from a moving car on the interstate. He was battered and bruised, but Angel and her daughter were determined to nurse him back to health. They thought they were determined to find him a home when the time came too, but they were soon falling love. Within two days, the ladies knew that this special cat had to stay in their home.

Once the decision was made, the little guy needed a name. Angel and her daughter hunted high and low for a good name, something that suited him. The tried to find a name that meant "strong" or "survivor" but came up empty-handed. After three days of trying to find the right name, they realized that their new kitty had a serious problem with gas and joked about the occasional foul smell that surrounded him. The idea of naming him "Fester" came up and the name stuck. Now Angel and her daughter are the proud companions of a smelly kitty named Fester, but they love him even with his flaws.

Do you have a cat that is perfect for you despite his or her flaws? Be sure to share your stories with us. We would love to hear them!

Until next time...

Petplace Staff

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Smelly, but Sweet!

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