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Stories from Cat Lovers About “Do Cats Mourn the Death of Another Cat?”

By: PetPlace cat lovers

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  • We had two cats, litter mates, Fric and frac. Last February Frac died at home from the age of 17.Her sister Fric cried LOUDLY for weeks and would walk around the house looking for her sister. It was often brought on at feeding time.....she would sit and howl and it would break our hearts.... I moved the feeding bowls, changed the time a bit and that seemed to help. fric is now 17 1/2 and doing much better but it took about 3 months or better for the crying to stop. I also changed the place of her litter box but I left her sisters up (clean). So yes I say they do mourn as we all did, and time has healed us but frac is not forgotten.

  • I have a handsome male kitty Holstein, named due to his white fur with black spots. He also is very affectionate and loving, plus he is quite a talker. We have some very interesting conversations! Holstein and my oldest kitty, Maybelle, had been close companions even though there was 10 years difference in their ages. In April of 2007 I found out Maybelle was in renal failure (she had been diagnosed hyperthyroid in January 2005). I was devastated, but had no clue how intensely her illness was going to affect Holstein. Well, Holstein seemed to sense she was ill and he stayed with her day and night, except for the two hospitalizations. While she was gone, he would go to the door and cry. He slept next to her as if he was protecting her and she thanked him by grooming him when she wasn't feeling too bad. I administered IV fluids to help keep Maybelle hydrated and her kidneys working. I had a treatment area set up on a table with some small quilts for padding for her boney little body. Sometimes Holstein would get on the table with her while I was treating her and purr for her. As the months passed and she got weaker, Maybelle slipped trying to get to her food dish (they are on the table to keep the dog out of the cats' food). When Maybelle fell, she caught her right back paw between the table and chair leg and was too weak to free herself. Holstein stood guard, meowing to get my attention. Luckily, she had just fallen and didn't lie in this position for just a minute, thanks to Holstein's meows. This turned out to be our last day together. I knew in my heart she was loosing the battle she so courageously fought and was ready to go to the Bridge. Maybelle was just waiting for me to accept her transition. I gave her permission to leave her ill body behind and promised we would see her vet first thing in the morning (I was on my way to work). She left for the Bridge about 2am Monday morning July 30th with my hubby and stepson stroking and comforting her. I don't know who was more devastated..Holstein or me. Not realizing what I was doing, the day after she left, I started putting away her quilt and IV supplies. Poor Holstein went nuts! So I put everything back in place and slowly made the changes. We spent months comforting each other. Now over a year later, he is still clingy, put not in the panicked way he was at first. But this sweet kitty was not finished with his gentleness to a dying kitty. I had a kitty I had treated for diabetes for nearly 6 years. Kelley was not the friendliest kitty..a momma's girl only. In April this year I learned she had stomach cancer. I knew our time would not be long..she was loosing weight rapidly and could not keep food down, regardless of what her vet gave to settle her stomach and encourage eating. Again on a Sunday, but this time I was coming in from work, she collapsed when I called to her and she tried to come to me. I knew this was our last day together. I made the call to the emergency vet (her vet had told me the day before we only had days, which turned out to be only a day--but one more with this beautiful creature). I wrapped Kelley in a baby blanket and held her and gave her permission to leave her ill body behind. She relaxed and slept in my arms. I had to lay her down on the bed so I could get ready to take her to see the vet and Holstein jumped up on the bed. What he did next was the most loving thing I had seen since Maybelle. He ever so gently positioned his body around Kelley's. Then he laid his head softly on her shoulders and purred the loudest I have ever heard him purr. I stood there in awe for the time (about 5 minutes) that he comforted her. I just wish I had had the senses to get the camera and take a picture. These days Holstein and I are great buddies. I spend a lot of time with him, and any time he wants to snuggle, I stop what I am doing. He sleeps with me and when it is time to get up, he starts meowing in harmony with the alarm clock. He lays next to my chair when I am at the computer or tries to sit in my lap..he is a big kitty, so he is a lap full. He is waiting in the window for me to come in from work..The dog barks and Holstein meows their greetings! Holstein is 8 years old now. He had been abandoned at the little league field and my sister-in-law rescued him and brought him to me. He is a super kitty and I could not imagine life without him. I am so proud to be his person!

  • My Orange cat he stayed with Our Princess when she passed away. He laid around the house for a while mourning her. Meowing Like he was calling out for her. Sometime he would run through the house like she was chasing him.

  • When my 16 year old died, the 9 year old stopped eating for 4 days. A physical exam and blood work were normal, so no other cause was found. Catlin started again eating five days after Barney died.

  • I have a black female cat, cat called Gabi. She is very lovely, beautiful, sensitive and moody. I also had a male black and white cat, pure sweetheart, loveliest and kindest Pifi, who died in January this year. After his death, Gabi looks sad and often sits in the middle of the room, or wonders around the apartment and meows, I think she is calling him. I am not sure what I can do. Before even Pifi's death she was introduced to another male cat - Fisfasa, and they live in the same house, I thought she might accept him, but she is still hissing at Fisfasa.

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    Stories from Cat Lovers About “Do Cats Mourn the Death of Another Cat?”

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