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Stroll Away with Your Pet

By: Rebecca O'Connor

Read By: Pet Lovers
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Pet Strollers are the latest in must-have accessories for pet lovers. Sure your dog can walk with you, but what if the pavement is too hot, the walk too long, or you want to take a cat for a stroll safely. The good news is that whether you are hoping to stroll, jog or even bike with your dog or cat, there is a stroller that will work for you. You can even get a Jeep ® brand stroller if it tickles your fancy. Just about every kind you can imagine is available at places like

If you are looking for a great jogging pet stroller, check out the AT3 All Terrain pet stroller or the Jeep ® Rubicon Red jogging pet stroller. Both have three wheels, with a front wheel that doesn't turn, adding stability while you jog. The Jeep® stroller can hold up to a 70 pound pet and both include shock absorbers for a smooth ride. If Fido's legs are too short to keep up with you or you just need a little extra exercise, why not give your favorite pooch (or feline!) a ride while you burn off some calories?

If running isn't your style, you can also get a Petego Sport Wagon Bike Trailer. Your favorite pet can ride behind you in safety and comfort. The base of the pet cabin is waterproof and contains a removable plug for easy rinsing. Zip doors allow easy access and there is even a sunroof that can be opened giving you full access from the top and extra room for your canine tagalong. The trailer also comes with an optional kit that can convert it into a stroller if you think you might be doing some walking as well.

Of course there are strollers made specifically for a walk around the park as well and they come in a variety of sizes and shapes so that your pet can ride in perfect comfort. If you plan on doing a lot of traveling, you may also want to consider the Pet Valet, which is a stroller and carrier in one. The carrier opens at the top and has a strap to attach to your pet when it is open. The carrier is lightweight and fits on most car seats or under the airplane seat. The stroller frame itself folds up for easy storage.

There's a few things that you should consider when choosing a pet stroller. Check your pet's dimensions to be certain she will have a comfortable ride. Consider the terrain and if you will be strolling on uneven surfaces, consider a stroller with larger tires and shock absorbers. Think about how many items you may take with you on the stroller and consider one with a large basket if you're going to be bringing toys, water bottles and treats with you. Wherever you want to go, you can find a stroller that will get you and pet there in style!

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Stroll Away with Your Pet

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