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The Manx Brothers

By: Petplace Staff

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Sometimes when you adopt a cat there is just no way to know their whole history. We wonder about and imagine their lives before us, but can't always read their minds. If only they could tell us where they had been and what they had done in their lives before us. I just read a fun story about two brother Manx cats and the interesting way their adoptive parents deciphered their needs and their past. You can read the story here!

Aphrodette North and her husband in Roanoke, Virginia had decided to adopt a pair of cats. It didn't matter to them if they were related or just friends, but the couple hoped that they could help keep together a couple of cats that really enjoyed each other's company. So when they were surfing the internet and discovered Conan and Mortimer, brother Manx cats, they knew they had found just the right cats.

Mortimer and Conan were over 8 years-old and had been in too many foster homes without finding a place to stay forever. Perhaps the difficulty finding a home to keep was in Mortimer's allergy to chicken. Chicken is found in almost all cat foods and treats and chicken-free diets had to be specially ordered for him. This didn't bother Aphrodette though, so she brought them home and started to investigate the personality of their new friends.

Aphrodette looked at their astrological charts and discovered they were Gemini. Looking deeper into their birth charts, she found even more tidbits of information. The charts suggested skin and digestive allergy. They even suggested that Mortimer and his brother were couch potatoes. The cats are also super social which is typical of Gemini. Aphrodette says that when friends come over they are ready to sniff their shoes and wait for petting. She even wonders if the cats are taking careful mental notes while eavesdropping. The star charts give Aphrodette all kinds of useful information about her new friends. And although she isn't sure if Leo is their rising sign, she had to wonder if they aren't influenced by the sign. After all, Leo is the sign of the cat!

Do you know secrets about your cat? Be sure to share them with us!

Until next time...

Petplace Staff

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The Manx Brothers

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