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The World's Loudest Purr?

By: Courtesy of the ASPCA

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Imagine the sound of a jet landing in your back yard. For the owners of Smokey, a 12-year-old British Shorthair, that's on par with what they hear when their cat purrs. Smokey's vocalizations measure up to a stunning 92 decibels, roughly the same loudness as you would experience watching a Boeing 747 land.

Owners Ruth and Mark Adams describe the sound "as if she had a dove stuck in her throat" and report that Smokey only falls silent while sleeping. A Guinness Book of World Records notes that while a category exists for noisiest cat, no entries have been received. Will Smokey's astonishing voice make it in the record books? Listen to her here and see what you think!

World's Loudest Purr?

Look at Smokey's video

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The World's Loudest Purr?

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