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This Litter Box Cleans Itself!

By: Dr. Jon Rappaport

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This Litter Box Cleans Itself!

Nobody LIKES to clean the litter box - I think we can all agree on that! If cat owners could change just one thing in their lives, this would probably be it.

Cleaning the litter box is a dirty job but we tolerate it because we love our cats. Luckily, we have options that can help. There are many different litter boxes on the market today, giving cat owners more choices than ever before.

Hooded boxes with replaceable filters help control odor, but you will still have to scoop the waste by hand.

The automated litter box is the closest thing you will find to a true "hands-free" cleaning experience, but it also has drawbacks. With an automated box, each time your cat uses it a rake automatically sweeps through the box scooping the soiled litter into a waste receptacle. You don't have to scoop this box by hand, you just have to empty the waste receptacle. But that convenience comes with a pretty steep price tag - upwards of $100. Automated litter boxes don't fit every budget, but some people dislike scooping so much that they will gladly pay the price.

A member of our pet product staff recently told me about a convenient new litter box that's very easy to clean.

One of the members on our staff has very bad allergies, so she really hated cleaning her cat's litter box. So she bought one of those automatic boxes. The litter box was expensive, it didn't work very well, and the liner had to be replaced every week (they cost about $4 apiece). She had just about given up hope when her sister told her about the Omega Paws Roll 'n Clean litter box. Here's what she had to say about it:

This litter box is fantastic!!! It only takes a few seconds to roll it over and it cleans itself. The tray is easy to empty - I never touch dirty litter and there are no liners to buy. When you roll the box over the dust stays inside, which is great for my allergies. And it cost less than $45. I absolutely love this litter box!!! Now I clean the litter box more often, so it stays cleaner longer.

It cleans itself - all you have to do is roll it over. It's not automatic so there is nothing to break. When you roll it over, the soiled liter separates and it places it into a removable tray, and you never throw away any clean litter. We tested the large size, which is nice and big, so your cat will have plenty of room to move around inside. (This also makes it a great box for multi-cat households.)

We're really sold on this litter box and I think you will be, too. The Roll 'n Clean litter box gives you plenty of things to love - including the price. At about $35 to $45 depending on the size, it really is a great value.

You really must see this box in action! The man who invented the Roll 'n Clean litter box made a short video showing how the box works.

Omega Paw Roll 'n Clean self-cleaning litter box


I hope this gives you more information on a non-automatic very useful litter box.

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This Litter Box Cleans Itself!

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