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Tip for Not Declawing Your Cat

By: JoAnn Knox - Stillwater, Minnesota

Read By: Pet Lovers
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Here is a tip from one of our users:

Before you declaw your cat because it has been sharpening its claws on your furniture as well as its scratching posts, try this: Buy a role of adhesive-backed shelf liner (sometime called contact paper). Cut pieces large enough to cover the areas your cat is most likely to shred, remove the backing on the paper, and voila! This is an inexpensive solution to an expensive problem. I've had eight different cats in my household over the years, and none of them scratched through the shelf paper. Shelf liner comes in a variety of colors and patterns or transparent (clear), so you can choose a roll to blend in with your 'decor'. What's more, you have a whole roll, so if guests are coming, just pull off the shelf paper and toss it-you can cut a new piece to stick on after the guests have left.

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Tip for Not Declawing Your Cat

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