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Tip to not declaw your cat

By: Dale T. -Texas

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Here is a tip from one of our users:

We have had 2 cats for a long time, we went from no pets to 2 cats all of a sudden, well our first 2 cats we had declawed (we still have the Gray Tabby cats (Male) the other one was a Siamese looking cat name Sidney (he up & had a heart attack & died. I swore that if we ever got another cat that I would never have it declawed, I wouldn't have had the first ones done if I had known how the Vet does that.

To make a long story short when we got the Norwegian Forest Cat I refused to even entertain the thought of having it declawed...several weeks later my wife came home with a thing called a "Scratch Pad" for cats, it came with a bag of Cat Nip that you rub down into the of this pad & the cats love it.... a miracle happened our little cat with the claws still in tack now uses only this scratch pad to sharpen it claws...of course we bought this "Scratch Pad" at Wal-Mart...just a tip that everyone should know about that owns cats, I hope this helps....

"The Man From Texas"....

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Tip to not declaw your cat

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