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Tips for living with a blind cat

By: Dr. Jon Rappaport

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Our question this week was:

Hi – My cat is blind and I wanted to know if you have any tips on how to make his life as good as possible.


Christine M., London, England.


Hi – thanks for your email Christine. Blind cats can have a happy life if you follow some simple rules.

The big thing is to be patient and consistent. It is best not to move furniture or redecorate your home during this time. Talk to your cat – make sounds so he or she knows where you are. Talk to them before you pet them. Let them understand where they are, where you are and what you might be doing since they can't see you. Develop routines for feeding, grooming and play that are consistent.

We have a really good article that is called Living with a Blind Cat. See what you think and let me know if you have any additional tips! I'd love to add them to the article or put them in our data base so other cat owners can learn.

Best of luck!

Dr. Jon

PS – Do you have any great pet tips? I love learning from pet owners and have been looking for some pet tips. I might try to share some of these with other PetPlace users! send me your pet tips!

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Tips for living with a blind cat

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