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Tips on Choosing Cat Habitats

By: Petplace Staff

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These larger and more elaborate structures include screened patios and decks, sunrooms and multipurpose and dual-species habitats. These can range from several hundred dollars to thousands, and are great for adding to your cat's territorial range, important if yours is a multicat household.

Your house and yard's dimensions, your designing and building skills, creativity and bank account are the only bounds. Enclosures can be any size and shape, and existing structures can be incorporated into the design.

For example, patios, porches and decks make great starting places for enclosures that both cats and humans can enjoy. A patio can be wood framed and secured with wire fencing, and furniture for both cats and humans added.

You can incorporate sections of your lawn and landscaping into the habitat. Add cat perches, swings, old tires, platforms, ramps, tree stumps and potted plants (just make sure they aren't poisonous). If you can't build it yourself, you might hire the local handyperson to help with construction.

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Tips on Choosing Cat Habitats

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