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Tips on "Red Flags" when Looking at Cat Breeders

By: Dr. Debra Primovic

Read By: Pet Lovers
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When looking for a new cat, it is important to get the best and healthiest kitten possible. The best purebred kittens come from the best breeders.

Choosing a breeder can be difficult. There are lots of great cat breeders out there and even more really bad breeders. Bad breeders don't practice the best prenatal care, provide disease screening, socialize their kittens or provide kittens with the best preventative health care.

There are several "red flags" that you should consider when interviewing a breeder:

  • Kittens that have not been socialized
  • Kittens that have not seen a veterinarian
  • Breeders that are reluctant to give you references
  • Breeders that breed more than one breed of cat
  • Breeders that won't allow you to see their breeding facility or environment
  • Breeders that don't work with a veterinarian providing good quality prenatal care to the queen
  • Breeders that don't take the Kittens to their veterinarian in for general "wellness care" and health certificates
  • Breeders that won't give you a guarantee
  • Breeders that don't want to you meet the cats parents
  • Breeders that sell to pet stores

    For more information on questions to ask the breeder, please read 15 Questions You Should Ask Cat Breeders.

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    Tips on "Red Flags" when Looking at Cat Breeders

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