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Top 2008 Pet Products – Scratch ‘N Shapes Cat Scratching Solution

By: Petplace Staff

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The Great Furniture Scratching Fiasco

We recently evaluated dozens of pet products and want to give you some of our favorites. Our 2008 winner included this product called Scratch 'N Shapes. To read more of our 2008 product reviews – go to Top Pet Products of 2008 Reviewed – See the Top 5 Products!

Cats naturally need to scratch. This process removes the outer sheath of their claws and sharpens them. It is also highly pleasurable both mentally and physically for your cat. So, what is a cat owner to do?

Many owners have chosen to declaw their cats. Although, this poses potential problems for your cat if they were ever in need of defending themselves. Declawing also robs your cat of the emotional pleasure they receive from being able to claw and scratch. Unfortunately, another option that cat owners have chosen is giving up their furry friend altogether. Many cats in shelters are there because owners couldn't find solutions to the common problems in sharing their space with a finicky feline.

A Cat Scatching Solution

Imperial Cat has invented a clever solution that is unbeatably pleasing and alluring to the most finicky feline scratchers. The invention is called Scratch 'N Shapes which are the first real designer selection of cat scratchers made of a recycled corrugated hard material. These art pieces are as hard as soft wood, but as porous and light as cardboard. Each one comes equipped with a feather, organic catnip, and an ergonomically comfortable spot to lounge once satiated.

The various Scratch 'N Shapes lighthearted designs are all equally playful and attractive. You can choose from a large whale, to a piece of cheese. There is even one design in the form of a Christmas tree, dog, or Santa Clause! How about a scratcher sofa to match your personal décor? Regardless of the designs, this is one of the strongest scratching posts that we've ever come across!
Let's look at some pros and cons to this product.

PROS to Scratch 'N Shapes

The Scratch 'N Shapes designs were created for both horizontal scratchers and for vertical scratchers. You will want to pick a design that suits the needs of your cat. There is a Fish on a Line for pleasing a completely vertical scratcher and Fish and Chips for pleasing a horizontal scratcher. This is a great gift item!!! Designed to match your home these art objects are also environmentally friendly and the paint is non-toxic.

CONS to Scratch 'N Shapes

This product might not be as attractive after your cat has scratched on it for a while. So, a replacement scratcher would be needed.

FINAL THOUGHTS on Scratch 'N Shapes

Scratch 'N Shapes is a great alternative to having your cat scratch all your furniture and get relinquished to a shelter; or, as an alternative to declawing. By adding catnip, your cat will be drawn to it and will be more inclined to scratch this than your furniture. Expect to pay anywhere from $19.95 - $49.95. But, as cat scratchers go, Scratch 'N Shapes are more durable, pleasurable & last longer than any other corrugated cat scratcher on the market. For more information, go to Scratch 'N Shapes.


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Top 2008 Pet Products – Scratch ‘N Shapes Cat Scratching Solution

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