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Transporting an Injured Cat

By: PetPlace Veterinarians

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It is best not to move an injured cat too much until it is time to transport him for additional care, but sometimes the surrounding environment requires movement. If the cat is in the road or near a hazardous area, moving to a safer location is paramount. Remember to keep yourself safe first.

Transporting an Injured Cat

Deciding the proper way to move an injured cat is based on the temperament of the animal and the possible injuries. Be very careful when attempting to handle injured cats. Often, even your own cat will try to scratch or bite. Consider wrapping the injured cat in a thick blanket before moving.

If a back, neck or spinal injury is suspected, try to place the injured cat on a board or other sturdy material to prevent further injury.

For cats, carrying or cradling the cat is one method of transport. Hold the front and rear legs as you walk to prevent kicking. If possible, keep the injured side of the animal against your body. In general, it is best to place the cat in a box or pet carrier.

To Transport

  • Grab the scruff and carry or cradle the animal in your arms.
  • Hold the legs firmly.
  • Place the cat in a box or carrier as soon as possible.
  • Be aware that injured cats can bite and scratch.

    This should be only a temporary way of transport. Cats do not care for prolonged restraint and may jump out of your arms.

    If you are unable to transport the injured animal, contact a local animal shelter, humane society, animal control officer, veterinary clinic or police officer.

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    Transporting an Injured Cat

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