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Vet Tested and Approved - Top Cat Products We LOVE!

By: Dr. Debra Primovic

Read By: Pet Lovers
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15. Firstrax Deluxe Window Chaise - This chaise lounge is truly exquisite. The padded seat and stylish bolsters are covered with rich designer fabrics that give it a chic high-end look. The sleek stainless steel legs easily attach to your window to give your pampered kitty a great seat with a view to the outside world. Covers are removable for washing.

16. Cat-Man Doo Bonito Flakes - Bonito Flakes are plump, all-natural fish flakes that cats really crave. In fact, cats love them so much they'll do just about anything to get them. Some cat owners have even taught their cats to sit up and beg for them. I've tested them on several cats that generally don't like treats and they really loved these!

17. Real Food Toppers - Even finicky eaters can't resist the amazing taste of Real Food Toppers. This healthy all-natural treat comes in two varieties: Pure Chicken Breast and Pure Wild Salmon. These all-meat treats are made from the same human-grade meats served in restaurants. It's low in sodium, has no added sugar or fillers and is perfect for cats with health issues like obesity, diabetes and allergies. Serve dry or wet.

18. Panic Mouse - Random movements and multiple speed settings make this interactive toy a real favorite. Cats love to chase, stalk and pounce on the dangling prey because it satisfies their natural hunting instincts. Helps keep cats active and entertained.

19. Yeooww Catnip Cigar Toy - This is my favorite catnip toy. This cigar shaped toy is filled with Yeowww!® 100% pure organic catnip – the most potent catnip in the world. It's irresistible to cats. Handmade right here in the USA, this cute little catnip toy is the perfect size and shape for some really good bunny kicking!

20. Nutri-vet Salmon Oil - Filled with nourishing omega fatty acids and antioxidants, Nutri-Vet Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil can really help your cat thrive. It has a delicious salmon taste that cats love and it will help keep your cat healthy by promoting strong immune, cardiovascular and nervous systems. This product also helps reduce shedding and hairballs, and gives your cat a lush, shiny coat.

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Vet Tested and Approved - Top Cat Products We LOVE!

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