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Vet Tested and Approved - Top Cat Products We LOVE!

By: Dr. Debra Primovic

Read By: Pet Lovers
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21. Zero Odor - Ask any cat owner – there's nothing worse than cat urine odor. Cat urine is very concentrated, giving it a strong odor that is nearly impossible to get rid of, but it can be done if you know how. The PetPlace veterinary team put everything you need to solve this problem into a convenient kit that will help you enjoy a fresh clean home.

22. Bellrock Growers - This is a perfect way to make sure your pets "eat their greens" and it's very easy. The easy-grow pouch is filled with 100% certified organic wheat grass seeds and rich soil. Just rip open the pouch and add water! The grass grows right in the pouch in about a week. You also get a cute ceramic planter to hold the pouch. This also makes a great gift for any home with pets.

23. Paw Print Magnets - Cat lovers look at the world a little differently. In fact, everything is a little better when you think like a cat. These hilarious Paw Print Magnets let the entire world know that you're a cat lover and proud of it. Celebrate your love of cats with messages like My Cat Is Smarter Than The President, My Children Have Four Paws and Cats Rule, Dogs Drool. YOu can find them on Amazon and many retail stores.

24. Omega Paw Litter Box- For those of us that hate to clean the litter box (and might not do it quite as often as we should), this self-cleaning Roll 'n Clean litter box from Omega Paws is the answer. We really love this litter box because there's no more scooping. All you have to do is roll it over and it separates out the soiled litter and deposits it in a convenient pull-out waste tray. The dust stays inside the box and clean up is a breeze. The other nice thing about this litter box is the price. At under $35, it's a real deal.

25. Cat Scratchers - Scratching can be a real problem for cat owners, especially when your cat scratches your furniture, walls and stereo speakers! But scratching is a natural activity, not a habit – cats do it by nature – so try as you may to train your cat to quit scratching, you will not succeed. (Even cats that have been declawed still "scratch".) Every home that has a cat should also have a cat scratcher where your cat can scratch to his heart's content.

26. Laxatone - Another great way to reduce hairballs is to give your cat Laxatone, a safe and gentle hairball treatment that tastes great. Laxatone has been recommended by veterinarians for more than 25 years because it helps cats safely pass clumps of swallowed hair through their digestive system.

27. Yeowwwww Catnip Cigar Toy - This is my favorite catnip toy. This cigar shaped toy is filled with Yeowww!® 100% pure organic catnip – the most potent catnip in the world. It's irresistible to cats. Handmade right here in the USA, this cute little catnip toy is the perfect size and shape for some really good bunny kicking!

We really enjoyed testing these new pet products and we hope you will enjoy learning about them, too! They are our all-time favorites, and we think they'll be your favorites, too. Enjoy!

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Vet Tested and Approved - Top Cat Products We LOVE!

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