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What Cats Want for Christmas: Letters to Santa from Cats

By: Petplace Staff

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Here are some of our favorite letters to Santa. Do you have a letter to send? Send it to us! Or does your cat have some Hanukah requests? Email us!

Letters to Santa from Cats

Santa: I am not a potato chip

Hi Santa,

My name is Abisola. I was a neighborhood kitty who was by myself sort of left behind by the rest of my litter at the age of nine months. I hung around the house I was born under just kinda adjusting to life there, when a lady decided to stop & ask the man who lives there if he might have any other kitties she could adopt. He told her I was not really his that I was just the last of the litter born under his house & I was just hanging around & she could have me if she wanted.

Well, suffice to say, I am irresistibly adorable & we immediately made friends & the next thing I know, I'm at another bigger house with two loving guardians who can't get over my cuteness! They enjoyed my company & the funny way I played, but they seemed to think I was lonely & wanted other kitties to play with. They got what they thought was this great idea to adopt a playmate for me.

They had no way of knowing however that I wasn't real interested in sharing the attention I got. Why wreck a good thing? So they forge ahead & in comes a medium-haired black & white kitty who I am forced to make friends with and share the love and space. I reluctantly adapt to the addition. Then he disappears & mommy was real sad, but not me. Just when I thought I had the house to myself again, in comes another shorthaired black & white! He was very small & frisky & couldn't get enough of anyone's attention, including MINE!

So I again played with him and adjusted...for a while. He got boring to me eventually & mommy decided he was lonely & needed a playmate, so she went out & brought back another young grey tabby. They were happy playing by themselves. I stayed to myself, hoping this would be the end of more intruders, but it would not. Mommy seemed to love every kitty she saw, strays in need mainly. She brought in five more over the course of two years and today I notice one is no longer around and one stays strictly outside. The rest of us share a big house, but I stay to myself still.

Mommy is tickled pink at all the love around her and said one time that it's really true that cats are like potato chips, you can't have just one! Well, I was wondering, Santa, if for Christmas you might just find a way to send a message to my mommy that I am not a potato chip!


Submitted by Camille Gonsalves

Thanks Santa for My New Life

My name is Jafa. I came to my family at the beginning of the year. I had nowhere to live and had been roaming the streets for weeks. I was starving and was pregnant. They took me in, fed me and gave me lots of love. I was given a nice warm place to have my babies and trips to see the vet when I needed it. I have a mum that loves me very much and lots of aunties and uncles; I even have 2 sisters and a brother although we don't always get on.

It is nearly Christmas and I would like to say thank you to Santa for the early Christmas present he gave me of a new family that love me, and found nice homes for my babies.

The only think I want for Christmas is a big fish and lots of love and cuddles.


Submitted by FeB - Auckland New Zealand

All I Want for Christmas is.....

This will be my first Christmas and, being the newest family member, the other cats are telling me all sorts of stories of new toys and fancy treats and fun with crumpled wrapping paper.

I don't know if I believe them, I mean they tell me all sorts of stories and tales that get me into trouble; like "Mom and Dad love it when you attack their toes under the covers when they are sleeping in bed!" and "If you really want Mom or Dad's attention, all you have to do is jump up onto the dinner table while they are eating." and things like that!

Jo-Jo is eight and Milo is four, but I am only 3 months old and still learning my way around the house. So, what I want for Christmas is for Jo-Jo to stop hissing at me every time I want to play, and for Milo to stop eating my kitten food because Mom says he is gaining weight!

Oh, and the new toys, special treats, and fun with wrapping paper stories to be true!

I'll be good, I promise, Santa.


the Little Squirt

Submitted by Nicki Tiffany, Rochester NY

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What Cats Want for Christmas: Letters to Santa from Cats

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