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What pet owners do when they hear their cat starting to vomit - Comments

By: Dr. Debra Primovic

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Maureen - He always does this EARLY in the morning. It wakes me from a dead sleep the minute he starts gaging. I jump up, pick him up and hold my hand under his mouth as I rush him to the bathtub. He's normally done by the time we reach the bathtub.

Cheryl L. C. Cats are going through enough stress when they pass a hairball having it coming through their already lodged area. So when they finally pass it they do not "pick a place" they simply are finally letting it release itself from themselves. Therefore I do NOTHING and allow the cat to let it go and I wait till it's done, and then, and only then, go clean it. Think of it this way........when you vomit - would YOU like to be moved in the middle of it coming out as it does into the toilet bowl or bucket in front of YOU? Hmmmmm?????

Gale - Sometimes I try to push gently on his intestines in the hope that this will help
the hairball come up. It seems to help but I always wish I knew if I was doing the right thing.

Anne - I'll let my girls hack it up and not chase them. If they're close enough, I might give them a comforting rub on their head or shoulders and actually make encouraging, soothing noises to let them know it's ok. Then I let it dry for a few minutes, go get a wet wash cloth, and some damp ones, pick up the mess, soak up what I can (yay for stain resistant rugs), and then carefully 'blot clean' the rest.

Andy - I figure it's better to let them know it's okay and they're not in trouble than scare them even more by yelliing, chasing them, or even stressing myself over it. After all, I can clean it up after! :)

Toni - I know the "Spewing of the 'ball" is a good thing, so I become like a huge cheerleader, "Get it up, Baby! C'mon! Get it up!". In my demented mind, this makes the situation an exciting sports-like activity. Works for me.

Sandra - I always go & sit with Crystal to reassure her, in case she needs help, as I know she hates these darn things. Afterwards she always fusses me & says thank you for being there. I look on her as my baby & you would go & see if the baby was ok, so why not with your cat. I truely love her & she knows that I will do anything for her.

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What pet owners do when they hear their cat starting to vomit - Comments

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