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What pet owners do when they hear their cat starting to vomit - Comments

By: Dr. Debra Primovic

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Lynn - I usually groan as i know i can clean up another mess, but better up than left in-happens to all of us-lol-

Tracey B. - I let Brady know its ok as I clean it up right away. Horrible sight to see him go through the motions. He always acts weird after, keeps going back to the area, like he is embarrsed.

Terry- I read about butter being good for the cat as helping the hairball to pass the other way so I started giving my 2 babies butter on a finger or put on their paw when they start the coughing and gagging and it stops it every time and then It gets it going the other way. I'd rather scoop it from the litter box than pick it up from the carpet. If anyone knows better that this isn't a good idea I'd appreciate a response to this. But it works or seems to work for my 2 brothers (3 yr old babies brought/sneaked into my house and under my bed by a stray).

Ellie - I know how stressful it is for him, so I let him cough it up on his own without scaring him. Then I pick Cisco up, give him a lots of love and a little massage and let him know that it is OK. The worst thing one can do is scare their cat, as we know as humans that when you are gagging, you do not need anyone interfering. Afterward, I give him a little bit of butter, so that his tummy feels better. Then, I clean up the hairball. We have to realize that our "babies" are not humans, and you cannot explain to them what happened. All you can do is reasure them. Cisco, a Siamese loves to get "brushes" so I make sure that I do not forget to brush him as often as I can.

Ellen - If I am close, I try to slip a magazine or newspaper under her into the "catch zone" without scaring her. Sometimes that works. Most usually I hear her at the other end of the house or during the night. She seems to know not to puke hairballs onto the Persian Rugs and keeps to the hard surface areas, or my shoes. Oh well, it's part of owning a cat. I figure that if I can't tolerate her natural behaviors, then I shouldn't have cats.

Dave - It's probably a personal thing, so I try to pretend I'm not there... then just clean up afterwards... if they want attention, I'll give them attention and mumble soothing things, but try not to overdo it. I figure if I make a big deal out of it, it'll be an even bigger deal for my cats.

Zena - I leave mine alone, as I'm sure it's better out than in!! I've also found that rather than trying to clean it up right away, it's usually best to let it dry out and then hoover it out of the carpet as this way it doesnt tend to stain

Kiernan- Our lovely boy has had a cholecystoduodenostemy surgery (he nearly died) so he has more problems handling hairballs than he did in the past. He howls for us before he spews so we know when it's coming--usually 3 am! We only move him to a hard surface if one is nearby. Not too much fun to have a puke delivered to your bed! Instead we keep wet wipes and paper towels on hand to clean up the mess. We cheer him softly on telling him he's such a good boy for getting up the nasty hair ball. Afterwards he always looks brighter and has more pep and bounce. But he gives every indication that it reassures him to have his parents involved and caring for him. Like any kid ;-)

Rhonda- We give our five cats petromalt. It's a hairball remedy that works great and they love it. I put it on my finger and they lick it off. We try to brush our cats because they are long haired as much as possible. I also try to talk to them softly and rub their throat if necessary. Or just try to put a paper towel if I can.

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What pet owners do when they hear their cat starting to vomit - Comments

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