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What pet owners do when they hear their cat starting to vomit - Comments

By: Dr. Debra Primovic

Read By: Pet Lovers
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Tess- I normally rush over to her quietly so as not to disturb her process of elimination and then when she is finished, I pet her gently as it seems to soothe her. The good news is, I have hard wood floors through out my home and tiled bathrooms so the clean up is very easy.

Sara - My cat takes forever to cough up a hairball. Like 10-15 hacks. I don't rush, and he knows I will come pick him up and move him. It's just our routine.

Sue - I wait for him to do what he has to do where ever he wants to do it.... its not his fault is it poor thing then cleam up... lucky i have wodden floors, even if i didnt I would not move him......

Suzanne - I try to comfort and help my precious kitty when this happens. I try to stay calm because I'm always afraid she will choke. I would never grab her and rush her to a different area. That sounds too cruel.

Dixie - If I'm close by I'll lay a paper towel or napkin in front of him/them. I have two cats. My vet told me that a little olive oil in their food on occasion is good to help keep them cleaned out. I would much rather have to deal with cleaning a fur ball up than deal with a sick furbaby that couldn't expel one. Been there, done that, and do NOT want the t-shirt.

Katja - I usually do a little kitty heimlich maneuver on my cats to help them get it out. I do tummy massages on all the cats to help them keep hairballs moving through their systmes. It works and they love it.

Tre- To a previous respondent - yes I would like it very much if someone moved me to a toilet or bucket when I am about to vomit. I do not employ the snatch and run technique but I do "encourage" them to move off of cloth or carpeted surfaces (luckily we have hard wood down stairs and tile in the upstairs so there is always a good surface near by). Once they get to that place I try to help them. My Duffy likes when I rub under his neck and always tries wrapping around me in the aftermath while I clean. My Onyx on the other hand just wants to know you are there, like he is scared of it or something, all I do is pet a small portion of his back until he finishes. He is our "King of the Household" and as such watches me clean the mess with an appraising stare. When the mess is cleaned and I move away from the defiled area he will come reward me and allow me to place my hands upon his

Tina - If they're in bed with me then I try to move them quickly to the floor, and talk to them calmly letting them know it's ok and momma's right there to help them. Anywhere else, I let them do what they have to do quietly and then momma talks to them and loves on them, then cleans it up, lol....after all, thats what momma's do. :)

Wendell - Nothing. I'd love to answer "Pretend you didn't hear it and hope someone else cleans it up", but it's just me and the cat, so that doesn't work. I'm just glad I have tile floors. I never liked carpeting, anyway.

Betty Crisp - I don't want Felix to think he is doing something wrong, so I just leave him to get rid of the hairball. He always looks guilty afterwards, like he has done something wrong.

Lorre - When my Sami Himalayan/Persian mix, or Kiki Long hair Calico (both rescued) start to expell hairballs, I walk over to them and gently place my hands on each side of their rib cage to lend a relaxing and supportive feel to their plight. At the same time, I talk/whisper soothingly to them and that relaxes them. If they are on the carpet (thick pile, sighh) I let them do it right there... afterwards putting a paper towel over it to let it dry AND keep me from stepping on it. Once dry, it is so easy to pick up and dispose of, and no staining. I have noticed lately that they don't get hairballs as often as before and I credit that to their love of a few licks of butter every day, and they both love mayonnaise too. They are definitely my babies... and we have an ongoing love affair....

Andie- I run to get her laxatone. She loves it. She knows when she starts to come to me and i bring her a spoon of laxatone and she laps it all up. i guess it makes her feel better and she's never coughed one up yet.

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What pet owners do when they hear their cat starting to vomit - Comments

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