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What pet owners do when they hear their cat starting to vomit - Comments

By: Dr. Debra Primovic

Read By: Pet Lovers
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Bridget - Why do they always go for the CARPET?!?!

Reddwine - I want my kittys to be as comfortable as possible thru this painful ordeal. I run to grab a towel to put under them. It would only be messy and cruel to grab her and run with her.

Cat-Lover- When a hairball is eminent, I slowly approach the cat. I keep quiet and do not move it. I reach out and put my hand on its back, talking quietly and soothingly. I don't let it move away from me - but am always calm while looking for choking and ultimate danger. When the episode is over I pick up the cat, cuddle with it and continue to talk in the same vocal tone. After a few minutes I put the cat back on the floor and clean up the mess. I never worry about the carpet or furniture. They can be cleaned. When I have any animal in distrees, they are more important to me than any replacable inanimate object.

Tom - I tried to move my cat when she was coughing up a sausage one time and she made such a horrible noise, I never tried again.

Kat- My lord, the poor babies are feeling bad enough as it is without being yanked up and moved aroundand glared at. They are just innocent animals that feel like crap when they're puking just like you would. All u need to do is keep a magazine, newspaper or even a cheap plastic placement around and slip it under them to catch what you can, and don't scare them or yell - and afterwords be NICE to them, clean off their little mouth and wash the placemat or throw out the newspaper. And if they still get your carpet messy, try having a human child and cleaning up it's messes for 20 years. You will opt for the cat, believe me.

Katy- Wow, I am so grateful to see so many people love their cats the way I do. My cats are my babies, and I just want them to know it's okay. I mean, after a very difficult surgery, I am often sick to my stomach nowadays, so why should I get mad at them when they are? I think people who love animals are better people for it. :)

Purringkat - We place a paper towel under our cats' mouths.

Cookie's Mom- I just sit with them and pet them and try to calm them while they are actually in the act of throwing up. It's wonderful to see that others do the same and actually take the cats' feelings into consideration. It's bad enough to be throwing up, but to have your parent pick you up and move you while you're retching your guts up....not a nice thing to do, any more than we'd like to have someone do that to us when we're in the process up vomiting. I found a great product..."Kids n' Pets", which is non-toxic to our babies and great for removing stains from carpet. The only place that I can find it locally is our K-Mart. Makes clean-up a breeze. So remember...the next time your kitty is throwing up....put yourself in their place and ask yourself.....would I want someone picking me up and moving me while I'm in the process of throwing up? I think not. I think we'd either want to be left alone, or to be comforted by a gentle pat on the back or holding our forehead......I'm sure kitties are the same, at least mine seem to be soothed and appreciate the fact that I do that when they are in the process of throwing up a hairball.

Becky R. - This question gave me a chuckle! I had two kitties who regarded tossed up hairballs as trophies to show off. One would leave (heave) them in front of the toilet so I would see it, often AFTER stepping on it, first thing in the morning. My calico liked to deposit treasures in shoes. The paper balls were cute, the hairballs not so much. I got a door-mounted shoe rack. My skittish kitten had her first barf a couple of weeks ago. We were changing to "Taste of the Wild" and that new venison flavor was so yummy she picked out all (obviously way too many!) "Bambi bits" from the bowl. She was shocked, confused then ran to the bathroom as if that pile of barf was going to rise up off the carpet (yeah, right!) and eat her alive. Had to calm her down, then she "helped" as I washed off her E-collar (recent spay surgery). I knew with her disposition that she'd be scared when the inevitable happened, so I was very glad to be there for baby's first barf!

John - If a human child vomits anywhere in the house we clean up and comfort the child,If our cat vomits we should do the same! We have cleaning products for all
surfaces in the house,and if cleaning up after a sick child or animal is a chore then we shouldn't have them in the first place.

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What pet owners do when they hear their cat starting to vomit - Comments

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