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What pet owners do when they hear their cat starting to vomit - Comments

By: Dr. Debra Primovic

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Lexi gets brushed every day and has a good diet so she very seldom retches. If She does, I usually calmly place a paper towel or news paper under her head to catch the offending hair ball and talk sweetly to her while I'm doing this. No big deal one way or the other.

Jill- I chose "ignore it and hope someone else cleans it up" because that's what I'd like to do. But I usually end up cleaning it up so my husband won't have to. Our two girls rarely have hairballs, but when they do (always in the middle of the night or early, early morning, of course!), we just let them finish and then soothe and comfort them because they seem to be a bit embarrassed by all the noise and mess. The first poor cat I had had her first hairball in the middle of the night, and I jumped up, turned on the light, and scared her so badly that she ran from the room! Poor girl! My husband, who had always had cats, reminded me that, with cats, what goes down often comes back up! So I got used to it. Eventually. I'll never forget my first cat-sitter who called me to say that Spooky was "pooping" on the carpet because she'd never seen a hairball!!

Kesa- I will try to put a paper towel under him or her (litter mates), and sometimes if it seems like one of them is really choking, I have given them a gentle tap on the back which seems to help dislodge something that is hard to get up. I also give the female fur ball remedy. It seemed to cause an aggravation of the kidney problems that male has, and so I don't give him the medicine but give him more canned foods.

Kittykatmama - I always try to grab my cat and hold him/her in the litter box if possible. Not always easy, with 10 cats, but it does work sometimes.

Kay- My cat used to throw up until I bought the furminator.

Pat - I dont think that a cat should be moved. Cats dont pick a place to voment as to where its nateul for them to do! Just leave them alone and clean up the mess..But make sure u follow them and make sure you know where they will trow up so you dont step in the mess.........And another thing to remember!!!..Never ever move a cat when vomiting!!!!

Elaine – Cats are like children. It happens. I just let it happen, clean up the mess, spot clean the carpet and I always reassure my cat that it's ok and I love him/her. I have 5 cats living with me and 18 others in there own house on my property. I love them all dearly and they are my children. Remember this.. picking them up and moving them while they are trying to throw up can cause them to choke. I learned this from experience many years ago and lost a precious cat because of it. Please be careful

Karen Silliman - The same thing one does for any family member with a problem, offer support and reassurance and clean it up before kitty feels the need to help.

Moonflwr912- I just get out the fizzy water, or club soda, etc. and towels. It works well, even on my light tan carpets. Just pick up what you can with paper towels, pour on the carpet and blot with clean paper or old cloth towels (and blot, blot, blot!) Bit of an effort, but Tibbles is upset anyway, there is no need to add to that stress. It always comes up (no pun intended!) and we go on our merry way.

Kathy Wade - My Sassy always seems to have this happen in the archway between my living room and dining area -- on the carpet, of course. I try to move her to the tile, if possible. I always pick her up and love her after the hairball is out of the way. It seems to be our routine. She knows this will be what we do, and she always nuzzles her nose into my neck and purrs. She knows that she is loved.

Vanessa- I always allow them to finish, and then go survey the damage. I wouldn't want to be moved if I was in the middle of puking, would you?

Cindy - With my current cats, I just let them be. With a previous cat, we were able to grab a flyer and put it underneath her, where she is about to throw up. She didn't move. It was probably about the easiest way to clean it up afterwards.

Don Pignolet - I usually just let them pitch it up and clean it afterwards. If I move them, I'm afraid I'll hurt them. I do make an exception, though, and put them off the bed!

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What pet owners do when they hear their cat starting to vomit - Comments

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