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What pet owners do when they hear their cat starting to vomit - Comments

By: Dr. Debra Primovic

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Nisa- I will never move my cat around during her difficult time, but try to support & comfort her until she is done. I wait 'til I am sure she is fine and comfortable, then I will start the cleaning process. To me if I decide to have a pet around, occasionally there must be a damage done to my household stuff, but I always remind myself those are just material, but my cat is priceless!!!

Dan Campbell- I feel more normal about how I react to my cats and laughed with many of the same experiences. Fur Balls. If cats didn't have fur balls, they would almost be perfect; mating is another behavior I don't think I will ever understand. I am fortunate to have been with my current two Maine Coon Cats from birth. Fur Balls are the only thing I don't believe their mother hadn't been around to guild them through. The long haired kitten let out a horrifying scream, terrifying me. Before I had any time to react, she hacked 2 or 3 times, a small ball came up and it was over. I was able to pet her and she somehow understands this is normal. If I'm not around or don't promptly clean, I will find the mess cleaned up for me, and I feel bad. She likes Vaseline naturally and I have a small container for her personal use. Using the Furminator is making a big difference in the frequency and density. The other short hair coon cat, I don't think has suffered from a fur ball. She sheds so little. However, she experiences asthmatic attacks which are much worse to watch and listen too then any fur ball. She knows when she is about to experience an attack, and searches me out. Holding her and comforting her, she quickly returns her to normal breathing.

Karen M- I have 3 cats, I don't usually worry where they hack up a furball. I heard one in the night so I got up when I didn't hear it anymore and cleaned it. But I disagree with someone on the fact that they don't pick a spot. Normally they don't but I know darn well if they have a comfort zone or quiet place they prefer, they do it in that general area. Poor little things.

Tina Marie V.- I feed my two(bro.and sister) babies SCIENCE DIET ORIGINAL FORMULA which seems to prevent hairballs. They are now 3 yrs old and i THINK w/in that amount of time, i MAY have seen 1. Plus if they start vomiting their food, i go right for the HAIRBALL MALT REMEDY and put it on their paws. Truthfully, they hate that, but i think after its on there ,they enjoy licking it off. My cats have this thing about having their front paws touched. I dont know why. They were born outside, brought in around a few 4-5 wks of age.Plus they get groomed not bathed but cut every other month coz they are long hair and prefer to have it short. keeping the long tails. They seem to have more energy and this way they dont have all that hair!
When vomiting whenever, i leave them alone. When cleaning it up, they look @ me as if they are sorry, but i reassure them its okay. The male cat always comes over and tries to cover up the mess. Until i get it thoroughly cleaned up. Cats are very clean animals! Do doubt about it! That's why they like a clean litter box also! IN and AROUND the box.

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What pet owners do when they hear their cat starting to vomit - Comments

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