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What's the answer to the Stray Problem?

By: Reader

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Thanks so much for offering a way for me to express my feelings about abandoned pets. They break my heart and I think anyone who does the abandoning needs to have the same experience as that animal. We live on a farm out in the country. At least once a month someone drops off a cat, kitten, or dog at or near our home.

Right now we have, care for, and love seven cats and three dogs. Every single one of them was dumped out here, abandoned, and left to fend for itself. We're also feeding two cats that were "left behind" at a house across the road. Most "dumpees" end up at our house. Some are hit on the road and killed, and some are shot by one of our neighbors. Over the years we've taken in many many cats and dogs that were dumped out here.

We finally did get all of them we currently have spayed and neutered and we try very hard to keep all of them up on their shots and get care for any injuries or illnesses they have, and we are now keeping them all confined to the house or yard. But as Senior Citizens, it's hard to keep everything clean, give each one all the attention it needs, and keep up the expense.

We live near a small town where the only options are to either keep an abandoned animal or take it to the city animal shelter, which does kill them if no one claims them. We do have a large Humane Society, which is "no-kill", but they haven't accepted any more animals for years because they have no more room. All the animals there just live their whole lives in pens. I wish I could take them all and certainly take the ones at the city shelter, but as it is, I suppose we could be accused of "hoarding". The nearest SPCA doesn't accept animals from out of their own county.

My husband recently had to take 3 abandoned dogs to that city shelter. They never did put any of them on their website as adoptable and I can never get over it. I pray every day that no one will dump out another animal here. My heart breaks for each one and you can bet any day now there will be another, hungry, maybe sick, or injured.
What's the answer? I sure don't know.

Connie Buchanan

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What's the answer to the Stray Problem?

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