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Tuesday September 23, 2014

Top Stories The latest news, articles and tips for dog lovers!

  1. Symptoms, Diseases and Conditions of Senior Dogs

    Senior dogs can be vulnerable to many different symptoms, conditions and diseases also common in younger adult dogs but often have their own unique issues.

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  2. The Most Unusual Things Dogs Will Eat - See Our List!

    Some dogs will eat just about anything...literally! See the list!

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  3. Should You Zeuter or Neuter Your Dog? Learn about Chemical Neutering

    Zeuterin™ is a zinc gluconate solution is a chemical that can be injected in to the testicle of dogs that will sterilize them.

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  4. Otitis Externa in Dogs

    Otitis externa, or external ear canal disease, is a common condition in dogs and is characterized by inflammation of the soft tissue components of the external ear canal and is particularly prevalent in dogs with long, floppy ears.

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  5. Obesity and Thyroid Problems In Dogs

    A common sign of hypothyroidism in dogs is obesity. Weight gain is very common. If your dog is overweight – could he or she be hypothyroid? What is the connection between weight gain and hypothyroidism. Find out.

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Top Stories The latest news, articles and tips for cat lovers!

  1. Litter Box Training For Cats And Kittens In 9 Easy Steps

    Litter Box training can be easy. Here are 9 easy tips to get your cat to use the litter pan.

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  2. Feline Overeater’s Anonymous: Does Your Cat Face Obesity?

    A fat cat has the image of opulent luxury, contentment and happiness. But in reality, fat cats face serious health risks, lower quality of life and even depression. But to be safe in weight loss, “easy does it” is the name of the game.

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  3. Controversy on Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) Vaccine? The Irreverent Vet

    Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) is a viral infection that attacks the immune system of cats. It is primarily spread by bite wounds. There is a vaccine to prevent it.

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    The newsletter is full of facts and helpful information to keep your cat safe!

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  5. Top 20 Cat Symptoms That Send Them to the Vet

    Learn more about what top symptoms could be causing illness in your cat.

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