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Monday September 15, 2014

Top Stories The latest news, articles and tips for dog lovers!

  1. A Matter of the Heart Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

    Your dog most likely holds a special place in your heart. And one of your responsibilities as his owner is to keep his heart healthy.

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  2. What is a Vaccine?

    Vaccinations are the introduction of vaccine into the body to produce immunity to a viral disease.

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  3. Recognizing an Emergency in Dogs : Who and When to Call

    Your pet is ill but when is it an emergency? And, who should you call?

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  4. HEALTH ALERT - Pet Product Recalls by FDA

    We are constantly on the lookout for Pet Food Recalls and Pet Product Recalls that can affect you and your pet. Find out the most updated information. See the full list of recalls right here.

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  5. Explaining Pet Loss to Children: Six Do’s and Don’ts

    Death and dying are two of the hardest facts of life to explain to children. The death of a pet may be a child’s first encounter with death, and how we handle it can have a far-reaching impact on our children’s understanding of death and dying.

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Top Stories The latest news, articles and tips for cat lovers!

  1. Urinary Obstruction in Cats

    Feline urinary obstruction is an acute obstruction of the urinary tract and is most common in males.

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  2. Top 1200 Pet Names

    Need help naming your dog or cat? In the past we tended to name our dogs based on some physical or personality trait. However, there are tons of unique names...

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  3. How to Tell If your Cat is Sick

    Your cat cannot explain his symptoms, so it’s the responsibility of you and your veterinarian to take care of him. You can help speed the diagnosis and recovery by having the answers to the following questions.

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  4. Selecting a Veterinarian for Your Cat

    Whether you just moved to a new community or recently adopted your first pet, you'll need to find a veterinarian. Here are some suggestions.

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  5. Getting the Most Out of Your Cat Visit to Your Veterinarian

    A trip to your veterinarian can be harrowing for you and your cat. Here are some tips that will make the experience go smoother, and help your cat to receive the best care possible.

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