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Thursday July 31, 2014

Top Stories The latest news, articles and tips for dog lovers!

  1. Water Safety and Your Dog

    In the summer, water safety for your dog extends beyond the prevention of drowning accidents. You both can have a lot of fun, but you should be aware of the following potential dangers

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  2. Traveling with Your Dog in the Car

    When traveling with your pet in the car, it's important to follow some recommendations.

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  3. HEALTH ALERT - Pet Product Recalls by FDA

    We are constantly on the lookout for Pet Food Recalls and Pet Product Recalls that can affect you and your pet. Find out the most updated information. See the full list of recalls right here.

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  4. How the Heat and Humidity Affects Your Dog

    Heat-related illnesses can occur after exposure to extremely high environmental temperatures. All of these illnesses can be prevented by taking adequate precautions.

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  5. Homemade Dog Food Flavor Enhancers

    Here are some simple and healthy gravy flavor enhancers that you can add to dry dog food.

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Top Stories The latest news, articles and tips for cat lovers!

  1. Summer Plant Dangers

    Know which plants are toxic to prevent illness or tragedy during the summer months.

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  2. How to Get Your Cat to Drink

    Proper hydration is crucial in the healing process; however, the ill or painful cat may not be interested in drinking. Learn how to encourage your cat to drink.

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  3. Everyday Dangers: Tips To Keep Your Cat Safe

    Your cat is at risk for injury from hundreds of commonly-used household items.

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  4. Common Parasites that Can Affect Cats

    Intestinal parasites can cause serious damage in the intestinal tract of house pets usually in puppies and kittens.

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  5. Selecting the Right Toys for Your Cats Play Preference

    Do you know your cat’s toy preference? We will help you choose the best toy for how your cat likes to play.

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