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Tuesday September 2, 2014

Top Stories The latest news, articles and tips for dog lovers!

  1. Why Do Dogs Snore?

    In the most basic terms, the snoring sound itself occurs when there is some type of blockage in the upper respiratory tract. Learn more.

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  2. Top Dog Breeds of 2013 - Most Popular Dogs

    The AKC released the figures for 2013. See the top dog breeds for 2013!

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  3. Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

    Hip dysplasia is a painful, crippling disease that causes a dog’s hip to weaken, deteriorate and become arthritic. Learn about the typical onsets, signs, diagnosis and treatment of hip dysplasia in dogs.

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  4. Is Pet Insurance Right for Your Dog?

    Have you considered pet insurance for you dog? Is it right for you? What do you need to consider? Let us help you.

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  5. Healthy Teeth Make a Healthy Dog

    Periodontal disease is the most common disease of small animals. Signs of periodontal disease are often not recognized, however, and some pets suffer until all of their teeth have become infected.

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Top Stories The latest news, articles and tips for cat lovers!

  1. Why Do Cats Rub Up Against Things?

    Cats are equipped with glands that secrete pheromones, which are substances produced by insects, animals and humans that act as a form of chemical communication. Pheromones are akin to fingerprints in humans.

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  2. 21 Reasons to Take Your Cat To The Emergency Room

    When is it the right time or reason to take your cat to the emergency room?

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  3. How to Keep Your Cat Off Tables and Counters

    Worrying and complaining about your cat being on countertops is more often much ado about nothing; the only alternative is to teach yourself not to worry so much – although there are several things you can do to keep kitty where he belongs.

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  4. How to Prevent the Most Common Cat Conditions

    What are the most common conditions commonly suffered by cat? Read about how to prevent them!

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