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Thursday February 26, 2015

Top Stories The latest news, articles and tips for dog lovers!

  1. Great Name Ideas for Hunting Dogs

    Are you looking for a name for your hunting dog? We have accumulated a list of great names for hunting dogs just for you!

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  2. Great Tips to Help You Give Your Dog Medications

    Giving medication to a dog can be a real challenge. Here are some tips from our veterinarians and veterinary technicians on how to give your dog medications.

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  3. Where’s the Beef? One Vet’s Take On Meat By-Products in Pet Foods

    The truth about Meat By-Products in Pet Foods isn’t a pretty story. One veterinarian will tell you the story.

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  4. Why Dog Urine Odor Comes Back & How to Stop It

    Has your dog ever had an “accident” on the carpet, sofa or bedding that you couldn’t get rid of? Here is our veterinarian advice.

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  5. Do Our Pets Really Love Us?

    We know how we feel towards our pets, but do they experience the same emotions toward us? Or is the bond simply a mixture of instinct, dependence and social role?

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Top Stories The latest news, articles and tips for cat lovers!

  1. Where Should Your Cat Sleep?

    Some people may enjoy sleeping with their cat, but it's not for everybody. If you want your bed all to yourself, you can make a comfortable bed for your kitty or choose from the variety of plush feline beds at your pet store.

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  2. Fat Cats Are Beautiful Too!

    Obesity and diets are all over the news these days. And it carries over to kitties too. If “big is beautiful” then these cats have it made!

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  3. Cat Litter Box Liners

    Some cat lovers use litter box liners (also known as litter pan liners) to help keep the box clean. Are they right for you? find out the pros and cons.

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  4. Why Do Cats Yawn?

    Why do cats yawn? Read about the most common theories.

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  5. How to Tell Which Cat is Urinating Outside the Box in a Multi-Cat Home

    In multi-cat homes, when one cat urinates outside the box it can be difficult to tell which one it is. Here are some tips on how to figure it out.

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