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The goal of teaching your dog to "leave it" is to stop your dog from taking something into her mouth or investigating something questionable. The "leave it" command is a very valuable skill to teach your pet. Grief in Dogs

Like humans, an animal that is experiencing the loss of another animal companion may lose their focus, become ... Rawhide, Cow Hide – Are They Good or Bad for Your Pet?

Many people give pieces of rawhide to their pets as toys (often to keep them busy) and to help their teeth. W ... New Drug Sterilizes Male Dogs Without Surgery! Learn about Zeuterin

Ark Sciences Inc. announced the launch of Zeuterin™ Injectable Solution (Zinc Gluconate Neutralized by Arginin ... Oclacitinib (Apoquel)

Oclacitinib (Apoquel) is a new drug on the market to control itching in dogs. Itching is commonly caused ty al ... How to Teach Your Dog to "Sit"

The “sit” exercise is probably the most practical skill you can teach your dog. Whether you’re waiting at the ...

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