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20 Top Holiday Pet Gifts

By: PetPlace Staff

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11. Combat™ Big Kahuna Dog Toy by Bamboo Pet Products. Bamboo is a division of Munskin which has long treated quality control products for kids. Bamboo products are high quality with special care taken to ensure pet safety. For example, their rugged dog toy is made with ballistic nylon similar to that which Tumi Luggage is made. And check out their guarantee – "If you or your dog is unhappy with your Combat™ dog toy, send it back and we will replace it free of charge!" The toys are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, prices may vary with size.

12. Kong Toys. Kong toys have been a long favorites of veterinarians for their own pets and patients. These treats are generally considered very safe and can occupy a dog for hours. Durable plastic outer coating with a hollow center filled with a treat can keep dogs occupied. Snacks and treats by Kong are available to fill the holes. Prices vary from $5.00 to $25.00 depending on size, available from most pet stores.

13. Pet Food Dispenser. The "Indispensable Pet Food Dispenser" is an airtight sealed canister to store food. It keeps food fresh and odors in. The canister is made of clear shatter resistant acrylic and is great for any pet. It can store cat food, dog food, birdseed, or alfalfa pellets.

14. Panic Mouse. A new and improved version of the classic panic mouse is available this holiday season! The "Kitty-go-Krazy" is three toys in one! Use the electronic arm to stimulate unpredictable mouse-like movements that cats cannot resist or watch your cat attacking the talking ball in the flexible track. The various wand attachments will keep your kitten going krazy.

15. Ramps or Cubes. Stairs and furniture can become difficult obstacles for aging companions. Ramps or specially designed cubes can help pets safely climb stairs, get into or out of bed or get in and out of your vehicle. Ramps can be made of plastic or wood and are available from many pet catalogs. A product called "Puppy Stairs" are soft modular cubes that fit together in combinations that permit pets to climb up or down from beds or sofas. These cubes are made of soft rubber, have rounded corners and washable covers.

16. The Movie for Dogs. This DVD a charming movie designed to entertain lonely dogs while their owners are away. It is also fun for owner to watch with their dogs. Check out the great demo on their website where you can watch dogs watch the movie!

17. OxyPet Pampered Pooch Shampoo and Conditioner. This line of pet shampoos and conditioners was designed by a Sharon Hayashi who has spent over 20 years developing and marketing professional products for the human Beauty Industry. After the sale of her company, she decided to design high quality products for the pet care industry. The shampoo gel or moose is designed to soothe dry, itchy skin conditions, assists in healing hotspots. Products also available with a built in "brushing system" which makes it very easy to dispense.

18. Luxury Bed Beds These nicely made pet lounges are available in a variety of styles including wrought iron designs and even a sleigh bed.

19. Kid's Pet Care Video. "All By Myself" is a video produced for kids that teaches them how to care for pets. It is perfect for families that have a pet or are thinking of getting a pet. The video features a cast of kids ages 3 through 8 feeding, grooming and exercising a variety of pets. For ages 3 to 5+.

20. Puplight Collars. PupLight is safety light attached to a collar that provides illumination while you walk your dog. A switch on the back allows illumination of very bright LED light that shine up to 200 feet ahead. The light stays bright for up to 24 hours of use. Available from selected retailers, prices vary with size.

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20 Top Holiday Pet Gifts

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