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2009 Pet Horoscopes

By: Cal Orey

Read By: Pet Lovers
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What Does This New Year Hold For Your Pet?

By the Brittanys, Kerouac & Cal Orey (with Special Guest Astrologer Dana Haynes who shares the news on Planets and Pets)

Welcome to 2009, a year that promises both humans and companion animals will spend more time at home enjoying the simple life-and all the good things Mother Nature brings. Staying close to friends, pet pals, and family will also be the trend in the New Year.

The six eclipses (two solar and four lunar) will influence each of the 12 Sun signs of all critters, big and small-mind, body, and spirit. The ups and downs of this year's international economic shake-up, both global cooling and warming, and political changes around the world, continue to strengthen the animal-human bond.

This year, pets will discover their role will be to offer comfort and calming more than usual. In 2009, extreme weather will play a bigger part in some pets' lives throughout the four seasons. And yes, this year may mean a less material world for four-leggers and two-leggers-but that doesn't mean cats, dogs, birds, fish, small and big domestic animals will go without exercise, needed vet visits, and love.

So, animal friends, domestic and wild, welcome the New Year's ups and downs and calm times. Simply put, challenging times will pass on the upside, this year's uncertainty will enhance your human-animal connection. And note, your amazing unconditional love is more important than ever now as humans cope with a planet in transition. Stay cool.

ARIES (MAR. 21 – APR. 20)


Give kudos to a few of this New Year's eclipses for your new, improved life no matter if you're a cat or dog or other critter. That's right, Ari, you're going to be busy the way you like it. On the go is the name of the game for you with past and present pet pals to your fave humans. And something super big may be in the works, too. Think a new home or a pet-friendly R&R spot to romp or lounge day and night? Well, time will tell but lose the impatience thing. It's all good.


Winter: This is the season to turn up the feel-good feelings with you know who. It could be human or pet but the ties will be stronger than ever. Maybe the eclipse or moon plays a role in V-Day month or not, no matter. Your calendar is full and as the action-oriented fire sign that you are, you're going to be happy camper despite ups and downs around the globe.

Spring: April and May spell novelty. After all, it is spring the season of renewal. And for you, my Arien pets, that means you're going to see new places, see new things, and experience life. Yep, 2009 is living it up and it's starting now so enjoy. Remember, you don't always have to be first. Your turn is here.

Summer: It may seem like your life in the fast lane will come to a screeching halt in July but that Total Solar Eclipse and New Moon will most likely smooth out the rough edges that are linked to your humans. No worries. Again, this is a very good year for energetic Rams, and a good summer for you.

Fall: Caution: early fall may spell trouble...but hey, you've had it easy this year. Chill out because when the October Full Moon rolls around you'll be back on track. Yes, that means your "Me First" attitude will be overlooked and accepted and all your desires will come to fruition for the rest of 2009.


Thanks to Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces opposition in your chart you probably had to pace yourself and eat less the last few months of 2008. Despite tension and everyday concerns for your caretakers in a weak economy enjoy the pampering and friendly faces till mid-February 2009 and then you will be back to snuff and running the household for all of the New Year.

TAURUS (APR. 21 – MAY 21)

SYMBOL: The Bull

In 2009, you not unlike Aries will be faced with some new things but you can deal since you're a centered Earth sign. While Rams are impulsive, Bull creatures are more steadfast but stubborn and may resist turbulent times. And this year is a time for new experiences. Blame upsets on the Full Moon and/or Lunar Eclipse in February but it will work itself out, especially if you stay calm like you are known to do. Do not, we repeat don't let your fur or feathers get ruffled. It's only wintertime and you have a whole year ahead of you!


Winter: Okay, here's the real deal. This isn't going to be your best season; March, like February, may rain on your wanted parade. But it's only three months. Your mantra should be: "Spring is on its way." And yes, it will come with sunshine, flowers, a fresh new outlook for you and your humans no matter what life tosses your way during the wintertime.

Spring: April and May show promise. Yes, times are less crazy for you Taurean critters who prefer calm and luxury but life isn't always a basket full of treats. The good news is, you're starting to see glimpse of the good stuff coming into your life. Hang in there and use your Taurus perseverance.

Summer: We told you so. By August, maybe due to the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, life gets cozier for you. Read: more time and pampering for you luxury-loving cats, dogs, and other companion animals. See, your stubborn streak can work wonders when you put your pet head to it. And yes, the rest of this volatile year will be smooth sailing complete with some surprises for Bulls. So, forget the temper tantrums. You got through the worst of it.

Fall: Whoops. While fall is fine, late autumn through early winter unfortunately may bring a few snags. That silly Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on New Year's Eve won't help. But hey, find your favorite hang out spot, tune out the chaos, and any upsets will be over soon with promise of a more calm 2010. You are not flighty, so stay can only get better for you oh pragmatic one.


Lately your calm couch potato approach to life has been tested by your frazzled humans and friends who drop by. Uranus in Pisces keeps everyone hopping throughout the first six months of 2009, so stay cool. Hopefully, your soothing personality will rub off on others and bring lots of treats which you love for the remainder of the year.

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2009 Pet Horoscopes

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