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2009 Pet Horoscopes

By: Cal Orey

Read By: Pet Lovers
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LEO (JULY 24 – AUG. 23)

SYMBOL: The Lion

In 2009, Lion pets like Crab critters will be in the limelight, one way or another. Thanks to some of the Eclipses you will be noticed for something-tricks, amazing antics, or heroic efforts. Pay attention, you don't want to miss your 15 minutes plus of fame, Leo-an energetic fire sign. And remember, people and pets are counting on you to make a difference and light up their lives by your actions. Yes, you can cope with the added pressure.


Winter: This season you get what you want whether you flaunt your charm or not. So, whatever it is that you've been craving it's time to collect what's yours. And it's time for the season to have your wish(s) is going to come true.

Spring: Before the summer comes in at you it's time to get in tip top health shape. That means, your diet and exercise routine, thanks to your humans, may undergo some changes for the best. Go with it-it's for your health's sake and well-being.

Summer: This is a season when new things may be in front of you ready for you to pounce on it and take what's yours. It could be due to the Solar Eclipse or New Moon but whatever is making things come your way, go for it Lion. You deserve it.

Fall: Home is where you'll be during the hectic holidays but they may not be hectic for Lion pets. People and fellow pets will surround you, exactly what Leos love. So rejoice and let the New Year finish of a good note.


You are fun, loving and playful but tensions at home have not made life easy for anyone thanks to Saturn slowly moving through the heavens in 2008. Everyone needs your companionships and snuggles and Neptune in Aquarius lets you trust your senses and help those you rely on. When Jupiter aligns with your sun sign in the month of March 2009 try some new tricks, bat the eyelashes and show your humans love is what makes their day special and the year will be great for all of you.

VIRGO (AUG. 24 – SEPT. 23)

SYMBOL: The Virgin

Like the Lion, 2009 is all about you, Virgo. But the next 12 months are about keeping your body and spirit in sync. And it's the year that you get it together solo with the assistance of your devoted guardians. Yes, you critters can behave like you're cool and calm but deep inside your nerves can be frazzled. You've got to learn how to cope better without letting life's stressors get to you from head to paw, claw or fin.


Winter: That big, bright Full Moon in January or February may be just what your vet ordered to keep you healthy and happy during any changes in your body. You may get a job if you're a dog, cat or bird and that means no more boring days and nights. Or, you may hook up with a pet pal that will keep you on your paws or claws. Stay aware because the change is most likely a positive one.

Spring: Pre-springtime is a time for you to get closer to a pet or person. This may be a turning point for 2009 so look for cues. When you get a sign-don't be reserved like you can be. Let go and reap the rewards of a good for you relationship.

Summer: A New Moon this summer-not sure which month it will be-will bring you welcome surprises. Keep your intuitive instincts in working order and you will discover something new and it will make your summertime go by fast and be unforgettable.

Fall: Ah, the New Moon at the year's end is going to give you even more novelty. Yes, changes on the home front or workplace-if you have a job with your humans-may be in the works. Even your own space could be expanded or improved. Enjoy the change.


Thank heavens you are the relaxed personality at home because everyone else has been climbing the walls, tearing their hair out and upset with everything during 2008. Somehow you know the tensions will ease gradually during the first six months of 2009. You may look like you're not interested but you have the sixth sense like all Virgos so you know this New Year will prove to be a good one for you and your humans, right?

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2009 Pet Horoscopes

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