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2009 Pet Horoscopes

By: Cal Orey

Read By: Pet Lovers
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LIBRA (SEPT. 24 – OCT. 23)

SYMBOL: The Scales

In 2009 the lunar phases and eclipses will be working over-time and may affect your life-but in a good way. At last, you are going to have a chance to seek calmness by putting your work and play schedule on a comfortable time table. And you, Lib, will be a happy pet.


Winter: This season is the time when you put these months to work as you put yourself in your vet's hands and follow a healthful diet and exercise routine. Also, time to pamper and snooze is finally here so enjoy each and every day, despite the weather conditions outdoors. You will feel a sense of peace if you learn to hang and not fight change, oh peace-loving one-it isn't always about you.

Spring: In 2009, this springtime is going to be a few months to cherish. It is a time for renewal and each New Moon will give you a taste of the better things in life. Libran pets crave physical beauty and they will get it at home or in a place that provides a relaxing and cultured environment-just the way Libra likes it.

Summer: Wow Lib, this is the season to rejoice, my fine animal friends. Your humans will be on a financial roll and they know you and how you love to be spoiled with the finer things in life...Think music, pet-related films at home, premium food, and alternative health treatments.

Fall: Just when you thought the year couldn't get any better, you Librans get a dose of relationships. Not sure if this is a fellow pet or human but the companionship will be welcomed and anticipated because you think in twosomes at heart. By the end of the year you, the relationship-craving creature may not be alone any longer! Translation: no more yowling or howling for you.


It hasn't been easy being a Libra the last few months of 2008 since your intuitive self picks up on the tensions in the air. One minute you sense an earthquake, the next minute you dream of butterflies and sunflowers and the next you wonder how your caretakers are dealing with everyday stressors. What to do, what to do? Just be your loving self as Jupiter in Aquarius affects your sun sign from February 2009 till the end of the year making life happy, healthy, and loving. Yes, no indecision about it.

SCORPIO (OCT. 24 – NOV. 22)

SYMBOL: The Scorpion

Like Libra, 2009 is going to be a special year if you want it to be. Think adventure and out- of- the- box. Be ready to go where your humans are going to take you because your spirit will soar. Trust your instincts and your heart will be rewarded. And yes, life will throw you punches from right and left but stay centered and you will reap the rewards.


Winter: While this year promises different things, in the beginning you may be content to stay at home early on. Enjoy your family, pet friends, and your own company without having to go faraway. Rest up for the near future.

Spring: Spring is a time to rejuvenate your body and spirit for what's in store...You don't have to go too far to get luxury treatments-an active day care for pets to a grooming appointment. It's all working up to the big summer.

Summer: The lunar cycles in July are a sign to get out and about, whether it is alone or with your humans. Either way, promise of good times and fun will be yours without any turmoil. You will be a happy, pampered pet.

Fall: As the year ends, with two Full Moons, a New Moon and Lunar Eclipse you are sensing there is no place like home. And you may be very happy to stay put as long as you have your loved ones around you as you exchange love and comfort.


It isn't easy being a sensitive Scorpio when those you love are on edge. Settle down and relax and your humans will get back in the groove once March gives them extra energy and incentive to make needed changes in their life and yours, too. Yes, you may get your day to savor the finer things in a pet's life. From April 2009 you get to be your passionate, playful personality who indulges in all of your whims for the rest of the year. Yes, a pet-friendly vacation is in the stars Scorpy.

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2009 Pet Horoscopes

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