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2009 Pet Horoscopes

By: Cal Orey

Read By: Pet Lovers
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SYMBOL: The Archer

While other pets are dealing with change in 2009, you must cope with changing family matters. Yes, that's right Sag, new folks come and go in your life. You'll learn which ones to tune into and which ones to tune out. No problem, well, there will be a few glitches but nothing you can't handle. Go with the flow and the good times will roll.


Winter: Actually, if you are tested too much you may make it happen where you get to take a trip either by yourself or with a family member-one of your favorites. This getaway could happen during a New or Full Moon before spring.

Spring: Okay, once springtime is in full swing you may want to enjoy the home front and the blossoming flowers, singing birds, and warm sunshine. In fact, you may even pick up a new hobby-outdoors or indoors. Be on the lookout for what works for you and make it known to your humans.

Summer: Uh-oh, this is the season thanks to the lunar cycles that you may be going to a pet camp or the kennel. If you make a scene you might be able to swing getting to go with your humans to a pet-friendly place...but Sag, you've got to really show your desire to go along for the ride without being a drag.

Fall: December's New Moon paves the way for you wanting to stay close to home to savor the good things you've gathered as a creature on Mother Earth. You don't feel the need to spread your wings. Home is where your heart is to finish 2009.


If you would just quit trying to analyze what is driving your people crazy as 2009 begins you would instinctively handle the situation. Sagittarians just know something good is going to happen and you realize by April everything begins to sort itself out and tensions ease. Springtime puts you back into a playful mood and life is good for the rest of the year.



Do you want the good news or bad news? Well, the bad news is, practice caution. A non-trustworthy fellow pet may make its way into your life for a short span. The good news is, you'll be on your guard and can put an end to anything that is negative this year way before it is over.


Winter: Warning: during the first few months be wary of new people and new pets. You know the drill. Keep on your paws and be resourceful for your well-being's sake. Tune into you animal sixth sense for signs and follow your emotions (yes, pets have feelings, Cappie).

Spring: You're in the zone this season and due to your uncanny intuition you've picked the right folks and animal friends to flock with come rain or shine. All is well and you can enjoy yourself and your keen attention to negative vibes which are not in your presence because you will not allow it due to your controlling nature.

Summer: What's more, you may be looking at a long-term friendship with a human or pet...Due to the Full Moon and New Moon in mid summer, you may find a deep bond that will last for years to come.

Fall: Cappie, you're best off like Sag, to stay home in the last few months of 2009. Home is safe, whereas, due to the lunar phases in December and holiday chaos, you're really going to find solace in your own backyard. Wait till 2010 to go out and celebrate life.


It seems like it has been all work and no play for the last few months of 2008. But the planets are shifting and by May 2009 your people will be over any hurdles that have caused extra stress and havoc on you. So relaxing by the warm fireplace or munching on treats will help keep you in your comfort zone till late spring when it's time to party. And then, the rest of the year will bring you good health, happy companions and lots of love.

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2009 Pet Horoscopes

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