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2009 Pet Horoscopes

By: Cal Orey

Read By: Pet Lovers
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AQUARIUS (JAN. 21 – FEB. 19)

THE SYMBOL: The Waterbearer

The New Year gives humanitarian Aquarians a time to give. Yes, you may find yourself playing the role of a therapy pet or even giving comfort to an ailing family member or neighbor. Or, you may do it all. No problem, by staying active it will give you a sense of purpose and that will make you want to voice your approval loud and clear.


Winter: It's not all give, though. In February or March you may encounter a special connection with someone or something that may make a huge change in your life and give you more meaning on Earth.

Spring: It's time to nest, and renew the household and rather than be in the way, especially during Full and New Moons this season, stay clear of any potential accidents. Watch your step when on walks or strolling alone.

Summer: Warmer weather and lazy days for you and your humans are here. Enjoy the leisure time with family and a few new pet friends. No need to worry about much of anything just enjoy your dog day afternoons or lazy at days and nights. P.S. Chances are your humans may be out more than usual so you can squawk, bark, or meow as much as you want to.

Fall: Yes, pet parties may be part of your scene. You, a party animal can and will enjoy if you indulge in playing and eating in moderation. However, as your other animal friends with other sun signs-be wary during December and its lunar phases. Stay out of trouble so you can bring in the New Year and rejoice having a well-meaning 2009 which you put your personal paw print on and it won't be forgotten.


You may act like nothing bothers you but keeping everything inside upsets your system. If your humans are uptight and haven't paid attention to your blues then try to play a game or run around to keep yourself occupied from now till the end of February 2009. Problems disappear and the companionship, fun and good times bring both of you good cheer for the rest of the year, no matter what ups and downs happen around the world. You will not have to go it alone this time around.

PISCES (FEB. 20 – MAR. 20)

THE SYMBOL: Two Fishes tied to each other swimming in opposite directions

Wow, sensitive Pisces, 2008 was a challenging year, wasn't it? We promise you that 2009 will not be anywhere near as pesky to your sweet and sensitive spirit. You have paid your dues and now it's time, thanks to the lunar phases, that you get some down time and make your dreams happen.


Winter: The Full and New Moons in the early months of this New Year hold hope to help you soar in whatever it is you want to do. If you want to be a go pet or a stay at home pet, it's your call. Just tell your humans what you want to do-what your really want and it shall be granted.

Spring: Your life was put on hold last year, but this season you may find a new path to a new you that you've long been waiting for. This difference may enter your life and can be just about anything. Keep an open mind and heart and tune into your animal instincts for the signs.

Summer: Mid July may bring you in touch with a long lost pet pal. Give credit to the Full and New Moons this summer should be full of fun, frolic, and time spent well with pets like you. You've dreamed about carefree summertime days, like this and now it's here and your time.

Fall: A tad of stress comes your way during the holiday madness but you can handle this after your share of hard times last year. Actually, you have grown a lot during 2008, so any glitches in the fall of 2009 will be a breeze. Stay cozy and near the homestead during December when lunar phases could drive you, oh intuitive one, up a wall. Stay comfy and reflect on this year and how it was a breath of fresh air.


It hasn't been easy being charming, playful and sensitive when your caretakers are preoccupied, has it? Like a true Pisces pet the actor comes out in you and everyone ends up smiling in tense times-but you are carrying the tension all by yourself. Thank goodness March 2009 eases the worries you've endured and life gets back to normal. This New Year promises to bring out your talents and playtime and proves you should win "The Pet of the Year: award, well, at least at the wards ceremony in your cushy home!

BIOS: Cal Orey is an internationally known writer who has penned several books. Her two Brittanys, Simon, five, and Seth, two, are part of the praised "seismically sensitive" pet team (Kerouac is a wise and witty ten-year-old black cat) who live with author-intuitive Orey. Her books include The Powers of Olive Oil, The Healing Powers of Vinegar, Revised and Updated (both purchased by One Spirit Book Club and translated in more than 15 languages), 202 Pets' Peeves (all published by Kensington), and The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes. Orey and her creative pet trio reside in Northern California. Check out her websites at and .

Dana Haynes is a veteran, well-known astrologer who resides in Desert Hot Springs, California. Her track record for guiding people, with the help of the planets, is an impressive one. She provides a monthly Earthquake Forecast "Stars & Shakers" on . Also, she offers consultations for humans (and their pets). For more information, .

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2009 Pet Horoscopes

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