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75% of U.S. Dogs Think Bush-Bites!

By: Courtesy of Van Dogh Creations

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VanDogh Creations reports "polling data" showing that the presidential race isn't even far as dogs are concerned. In August, the company launched Bush-BITES!™ and Kerry-Waffles™ - superior dog treats with a political twist. Today the company reports that the latest results show that more dogs would prefer to take a bite out of President Bush than candidate John Kerry.

"When you buy a bag of treats on our website, your dog is casting a vote and we keep a tally," said Chris Jones, the creator. "If you check our website today, you will see that apparently 75% of dogs think that Bush-BITES!, while so far only 25% believe Kerry-Waffles. That's a slight uptick for the Democrats over the last couple of weeks." You can view up-to-date results on the company's website at

"Dog owners will tell you that their dogs are great judges of character," said Jones. "We believe polling dogs will prove to be a valid indicator for elections. If a groundhog can forecast when spring is coming, surely dogs are more than capable of predicting the next president."

Janeane Garofalo's dogs, Dewey and Kid, favor Bush-BITES! saying "We don't understand why Kerry-Waffles are even an option. It's been said that we'll eat anything, but no - we won't eat Kerry-Waffles. We only eat things that are true." The company tried to locate a GOP spokesdog to comment, but was unable to find a Karl Rover willing to go on the record.

Are dogs more liberal by nature? Will conservative dogs start barking louder to make their voices heard? No matter which biscuit comes out on top, in this election everyone wins because 20% of the company's net proceeds are donated to charities. Check out the latest results and purchase treats at

You can buy an eleven ounce bag of the all-natural peanut butter treats on the company's website ( for $9.99 plus shipping. The treats are also available at select pet stores and boutiques around the US, from California to New York. Go to to find a retail store near you.

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75% of U.S. Dogs Think Bush-Bites!

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