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A Labrador Named Jake Proves He’s Smarter than People Think

By: Petplace Staff

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Have you ever felt like you just got outsmarted by your dog? We often don't give our dogs enough credit for their intelligence. A goofy grin and a head tilted in seeming confusion often hide the inner workings of the canine mind. Don't let your dog fool you though! He knows what makes you tick and how to get what he wants.

I just read the best story about a Labrador named Jake who it turns out is a little smarter than his owner imagined. To read the whole story click here!

Jake's best friend has no doubts about his loyalty and devotion, but is pretty sure the Lab is not the "brightest bulb on the block." The goofy Lab is also considerate though, having perfected the skill of "whisper barking," a soft bark designed to the message across without waking of the whole house in the middle of the night.

This considerate form of asking for assistance in the wee hours of the morning is presumably for requests to go outside. His owner wakes and the urgency of Jake seems to mean that he needs to go to the bathroom right away. However, frequently it's not a trip outside Jake is wanting; it's the treats in the cupboard. After all, even a pooch needs a midnight snack now and then. When Jake plants himself in front of the treat cupboard and looks longingly toward the possibility of a snack and then pleadingly toward his best friend, he can hardly be resisted. Jake's owner now wonders if it's actually the humans in the house that aren't the brightest bulbs.

Whether your dog is obedience trained, does agility, or simply runs the house, there's no question our canine friends are pretty darn intelligent. It's often said that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but it's not true. Dogs can learn many things their entire lives, including how to get what they want and need from you. If you are looking for a new friend in your house, don't overlook an older dog. Every last pooch is smarter than you think!

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A Labrador Named Jake Proves He’s Smarter than People Think

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