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A Labrador Named Rocky Finds a Great Home

By: Petplace Staff

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Sometimes the right dog finds you instead of vice versa. There are always dogs in need at shelters and rescues, but you never know when you'll come across a canine friend in need and find yourself smitten. If you have room in home, why not listen to your heart?

To read the story about a dog named Rocky and his guardian, Jen who did just that, click here!

Last year, Jen's friend asked if she might a dog, something that Jen admits she had been secretly pondering for some time. This dog, a Labrador, had been adopted from the pound by a well meaning person who quickly discovered she didn't have the time for him. For the last year he had been left outside with the basic requirements, but no attention.

Jen was fairly certain she wasn't ready to take on a neglected dog. She hadn't even had a dog before. However, after meeting Rocky on two occasions, she and her husband agreed that he just had to come home with them.

They definitely had their hands full though. In typical Lab fashion, Rocky refused to come when called even to favorite treats when outside of the house and off the leash. His new owners didn't give up though, they kept working with him. After months of recall training, Rocky could run the dog park with everyone else and remain under control.

He has become the center of the household, always up for a walk, run, snuggle or any kind of new fun. In fact, Rocky is absolutely enamored with the newest household addition, a little kitten named Bullwinkle.

Rocky has recovered from all the problems he endured over his period of neglect. His ear infections, a cyst on his tail and calluses on his elbows from living on concrete have all cleared up. He's now got a great home with a fancy bed and all the love he wants.

Just because a dog hasn't found it's way to a shelter or rescue doesn't mean he's not in need. Your new best friend might come to you from an expected place. Do you have a dog that came to your home in a surprising way? Be sure to share!

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A Labrador Named Rocky Finds a Great Home

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