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A Renewed Life… Everything Happens For A Purpose.

By: Petplace Staff

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How often does something happen to you, that at first you find yourself saying: Why did this happen to me? Only then, you find yourself admitting that it worked out for the best. Which now brings me to two famous old adages: Everything happens for a purpose and timing is everything. Nothing could be further from the truth than what Catherine McKay of Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada has experienced with her beloved Nikki. This is a story of Nikki how he came into Catherine McKay's life at the right time.
Enjoy their story!

During her marriage Catherine McKay had 3 dogs and 2 cats. First there was Lucky who was part of her family for 15 years. When Lucky died her husband purchased Teddy a Nova Scotia trolling retriever. They used to go for long walks every day-then tragically her husband died; then, 5-months after that tragic day Teddy died from being lonesome, for this Catherine was certain.

Then Catherine got Bobbi, a shepherd mix from the local animal shelter. They had many long happy years together; but then Bobbi developed cancer and died at the age of 14. After Bobbi died Catherine's life quickly went downhill, not only from her husband's death but also from the loss of her two dogs.

Then one fateful day Nikki was brought to her house. Not only was he one of the most un-kept dogs she had ever seen; but also, he was tiny: standing in at only 6" in height and 12" long. Catherine was not only afraid of stepping on him but of falling over him. So, she called the shelter and said that she would not be able to keep him. Then, later that weekend, something special happened.

I have learned that things really do happen for a purpose and in the end, things really do work out for the best. What we all need is a little more patience. Yes, now more than ever, we all need to stop and smell the roses...of course, while taking a walk with our furry best friend.

If you have a similar story, then please pass it onto us.

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A Renewed Life… Everything Happens For A Purpose.

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