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ADHD….Pet Therapy – Save a Pet, Save Yourself!

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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We think a lot about what we might give to a pet that we rescue, but think very little about what he might give to us. Sometimes it seems a dog or cat down on their luck finds the exact right person not only with a place in their heart, but with a need for the right pet.

I just read a fabulous story about a woman who found a true friend and therapist in a little lost dog and thought I might share. To read Anne's moving story please click here!

Although she wanted to remain anonymous, this woman has a wonderful story to share with all. We'll call her "Anne." Anne had always thought that having a dog would be too big a responsibility and for good reason. About 13 years ago at 34 years old she was diagnosed as Bipolar with extreme ADHD. The average person thinks 4 to 6 thoughts in a minute - she thinks an average 60 to 90. That is only one of the many facets of these mental challenges.

In addition, while most people with bipolar disorder have an average of three episodes in a lifetime has about four a year. She was suicidal, having difficulty staying at jobs and residences and had tremendous difficulty with relationships. In fact, Anne couldn't stand to have anything near her, much less have physical contact.

Ten years ago, Anne found a little dog and all that changed. She planned to care for the dog she called "Daisy" until she could find her owners, but things took a surprising turn. Anne discovered that Daisy was afraid of almost everything, most especially people. She wouldn't let anyone near her without cowering in fear.

However, when Anne had her next episode, Daisy took on a new role. She went to her and stayed near her even though Anne tried to keep her away. It wasn't long before Daisy would climb on top of her and just lay there for as I long as she would allow. To Anne it was obvious that Daisy was taking away so much of the negative feelings and thoughts that consumed her.

Anne and her daughter notes that Daisy looks and seems to feel like an absolute wreck for days after an episode like this. It must be an exhausting job for a tiny dog and Daisy sleeps for days afterward. Anne can't imagine life without her now.

Daisy gave birth to a puppy, Joe about two years ago and now she is teaching him to help Anne. It seems the healing genes run in the family. Anne has tried many medications, therapy, in patient treatment, books and so many other treatments, but she says Daisy has given her more in an hour that everything else combined.

Anne recently met a man with my same diagnosis and with no prompting was told that his little Papillon is his true medication. Anne wasn't surprised and neither are we!

Sometimes the right animal finds YOU. So listen to your heart. Maybe that little dog doesn't need you. Maybe you need him! Puppy love after all, can be the very best kind of medicine.

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ADHD….Pet Therapy – Save a Pet, Save Yourself!

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