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Ask Dr. Debra - Answers to Previous Dog Questions

By: Dr. Debra Primovic

Read By: Pet Lovers
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Health Questions

When does my puppy need shots?
Does my dog really need heartworm prevention?
When should my puppy go on heartworm prevention?
How can I tell if my puppy is sick?
My puppy is vomiting, what should I do?
What are common toxins that could hurt my puppy?
Why do some puppies have their tails cut off?
My labrador has mange
My puppy gets car sick
House trained dog urinating inside the house
My dog was shot.
My puppy is sick, wont eat and is very weak.
Rhodesian Ridgeback with mast cell tumor.
German shepherd male marking furniture.
My 6 weeks old puppy's gums are white?
Collapse in Dogs
Insect bite in a puppy
My dog has cancer, please help!
Head Tremors
Sick Rotweiller
My dog is not eating, or having a bowel movement
My dog ate chocolate
Collapsing Trachea in a Yorkie
My dog ate a tampon
Death of a companion
German shepherd with ear problems
Italian greyhound with lack of appetite
Bleeding from the urinary tract?
Liver cancer in Labrador retriever
German shepherd with pneumonia
Injured Dewclaw
Stumbling puppy
Lump on Italian Greyhound
Smelly Dog
Painful defecation in my dog
Canine kidney problems- kidney transplant
Labrador drinking a lot
Dog with small cell tumor
Dog licks herself
Sudden enlargement of the eye
Yorkie with bloody stool
Dog having trouble breathing
The vet said my dog might have a muffled heart
9 year old Doberman producing milk from her nipples
Maltese ate a butane lighter
Tick on my Weimaraner
Sick dog - vomiting and vaginal bleeding
Inbreeding in Dogs
Dog having Flatulence
Golden retriever is very lethargic and is falling over
Pitbull with difficult breathing
My 5-year-old hybrid wolf is not eating
Health of an older Boxer female
Question about Kennel Cough
Limber tail syndrome
Should we have a splenectomy done on our dog?
Large portion of dog's liver is missing
Dog diagnosed with a stroke
What can we give our dog to help with constipation?
Golden puppy with hip or leg problem
My dog was diagnosed with jaundice
Dog with congestive heart failure

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Ask Dr. Debra - Answers to Previous Dog Questions

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