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ASPCA Providing Rescue for Stranded Animals of WTC

By: Alex Lieber

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As the nation comes to grips with what has happened to us, a diverse array of groups has moved in to help deal with the many dimensions of this tragedy. One of these groups includes the ASPCA to care for pets whose owners are either trapped in another part of the country – or whose owners were casualties in Tuesday's attacks.

The ASPCA has set up a command center and placed a fully equipped mobile veterinary unit on the corner of Houston and West Streets at the Hudson River, in Manhattan. The organization is working with authorities to remove pets from homes in the buffer zone south of Canal Street, as well as providing other emergency relief services to any area where pets have been left alone.

Pet owners can call the ASPCA to report their pets as abandoned, and an ASPCA officer will be dispatched – with municipal officers – to buildings where pets have been left alone. Food, water and veterinary services will be provided until owners can claim their pets. If you cannot get access to your pet, call 212-876-7700 ext. 4PET.

The ASPCA is also urging the community to help out. If you are a friend or family member of someone who has not returned home yet due to the catastrophe, get involved and do what you can: food, water and other essential needs. You can also take inventory of your building: if your neighbors have not returned home, work with the building superintendent or management to help take care of their companion animals.

  • Healthy dogs and cats can survive without food or water for several days, if absolutely necessary. When reunited with your pets, you should take them to a vet as soon as possible for a checkup.

  • If you have lost or found a companion animal in New York City, please call the agency responsible for reuniting animals with their families: the Center for Animal Care and Control (CACC) 1-888-LOST. The CACC's rescue number is 718-649-8600.

  • An ASPCA psychologist is available for counseling 24 hours a day. Call 212-876-7700. You can also try beeper number 1-800-946-4646, then enter PIN number 1407211, then enter YOUR phone number.

    The ASPCA is also calling for donations of dog booties. Search dogs are wearing through booties at an amazing rate, and presently burlap is being used to protect their paws from the rubble. This is slowing the search progress. To contribute booties, please clearly identify the packages as RESCUE DOG SUPPLIES and send them to New York City Offices, c/o Search and Response, Chambers St., New York, NY 10007.

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    ASPCA Providing Rescue for Stranded Animals of WTC

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