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Australian Shepherds are Her Best Friends

By: Petplace Staff

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The best dogs remain in our hearts forever, especially those from our childhood. When something happens to a dog of our heart like this, or we lose touch with them, it can be hard to get over.

I just read a sad story about a little girl who had to give up her dog that has a happy ending when she grows up and gets a dog of her own.

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Holly Smith in Jay, Fl grew up with a red merle Australian shepherd named "Chili." Chili enjoyed a wonderful life, sleeping on Holly's bed and running behind her horse on trail rides. They were constant companions until Holly's parents divorced.

Holly moved with her mother to a less rural area where Chili was miserable. Without open country Chili acted out, destroying thing in the house and digging in the yard. Holly's mom insisted that Chili needed a new home and off he went. Holly soon lost track of where Chili ended up, but she never stopped thinking about him and wishing for his return.

Holly's husband, aware of her childhood pain, suggested that Holly find a new Aussie, not to replace Chili, but to help heal her heart. Holly found a mini Aussie breeder in Florida and fell in love with a red merle male pup that she named Grady.

Grady has become Holly's new best friend, happily growing up in his new home with plenty love for the entire family including Holly's six-month old daughter. Holly still worries and wonders about Chili though, and hopes he is out there somewhere happy or that he had a wonderful life.

No matter how quickly you fall in love or how hard you fall for that puppy in the window, make sure you can meet that dog's needs. Some dogs are just not suited to apartment life or to long days alone in a home. Certain breeds are high energy and can cause an amazing amount of destruction if they don't have more constructive means of ridding themselves of their excess energy. You wouldn't want to have to give up a wonderful dog to a life of uncertainty because you couldn't give it what it needs!

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Australian Shepherds are Her Best Friends

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