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Babe's Story: One More Day

By: Petplace Staff

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Don't you wonder sometimes what your dog is thinking? Most likely she is having wonderful thoughts, wondering when you are going to give her a treat and hoping that you might take a moment to play ball with her. Maybe she is imagining her next trip to the dog park or remembering how much fun she had on your last walk. When we imagine what the dogs are thinking who are homeless though, it just breaks our heart. Imagine what they must be thinking, wondering where they are and if they will have a nice home someday.

I just read a story by a Judy Price in Oregon who imagines what her dog must have been thinking in her last days at the animal shelter. Fortunately, this Dalmatian mix, Babe had a happy ending.

Babe tells the story of how sad it was to be living in the shelter. It was a cold stark building with many other dogs and all of them were barking. There was no happiness, not much to do and certainly nowhere to run. It was a hard place for a dog that loves to leap and play to live. And she kept hearing the mysterious phrase, "One more day." Someone said not to give her much to eat, that she only had one more day. She wondered what it meant.

When visitors came they looked into her cage with interested expressions, but again Babe heard that phrase. This time one of the workers at the shelter said, "Don't worry about her. She's only got one more day." The visitors seemed unhappy to hear this and took Babe with them.

These people were dog rescuers who gave Babe a nice home until the perfect home could be found for her. And soon a couple who had lost a Dalmatian they loved dearly came to see her and did give her the perfect home. Babe gets to live in two homes, one at the beach and one in the city. She gets to go to off-leash dog parks and run on the sand along the shore. Babe is certain she has a wonderful life! Best of all she will never have to hear, "One more day," again.

There is no better feeling than knowing that you have given a dog a new chance at a wonderful life! Judy certainly knows this feeling every time she looks into Babe's grinning face.

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Babe's Story: One More Day

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