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Biscuit, the Hope, Joy and Heart of Westgate Tabernacle

By: Petplace Staff

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Everyone who loves their dog understands how much they can bring to your home. In fact, it's often a dog that makes a house a home! A good dog is the best kind of welcoming committee after a rough day. Some dogs though, go over and above to bring heart and warmth to a place.

I just read a great story by Rev. Sherry, McGee Hill at Westgate Tabernacle in Florida about a little cockapoo that is doing just that.

To read Rev. Sherry McGee story please click here!

Westgate Tabernacle, a non-denominational church in Palm Beach, Florida welcomes hundreds of people into their homeless ministry every year. Westgate Tabernacle feeds, shelters, clothes and counsels those down on their luck, just like other missions, but Westgate has something a little extra, Biscuit.

Biscuit is a 15 pound cream and apricot colored cockapoo that takes his job of welcoming committee seriously. Even the most hesitant newcomer has to smile when faced with Biscuit's wagging tail and request for a cuddle and a scratch on the head. This can make all the difference for the despondent visitors to the shelter. They may have found hard times and even lost everything, but Biscuit has something to offer...his tummy for a scratch and lots of love.

Reverend Sherry says that Biscuit is more than happy to share love with anyone who wants and needs his attention and she's pretty sure he's an angel is canine form. At least, he definitely does the work of one.

Biscuit may be doing work for homeless humans, but there are many homeless dogs out there that need help as well. If you have room in your home for a dog, consider a rescue or shelter. No one appreciates a good home as much as a dog that hasn't had one!

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Biscuit, the Hope, Joy and Heart of Westgate Tabernacle

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