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Bring an older pet into your life…

By: Petplace Staff

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I just read the most amazing, heart touching dog story about a beautiful greyhound called Genie; this is an amazing story and it brought tears (the good kind,) to my eyes. And, I just had to share it with you. The story is from Neena and Tim Derf in Florida. To read the story as told by Neena Derf herself (Genie's new Mom) click here!

The story begins one day while Neena and Tim Derf were at an art and crafts fair. While walking around and enjoying a beautiful Florida day. Neena and Tim were drawn to a tent filled with beautiful Greyhound dogs up for adoption. They were not looking to adopt a dog. Genie a proud and patient Greyhound stood out. Sensing something special about Genie, Tim told his wife, "We NEED to bring Genie home." The Derf's had not a clue as to how special she would become. Until one night, at about 3:30 A.M., she came into the bedroom and woke me up. To their shock, she found her husband, passed out at the end of the house. He had hemorrhaged to the point that doctors tell us he was ten minutes from death. Said Neena, "Yes, I would have slept through it, if it weren't for our miracle girl, Genie!"

Wow what a story! Adopting Genie, an older dog, truly changed Neena and Tim's lives.

Unfortunately many people are reluctant to adopt an older pet. They believe that older pets carry excess baggage (like our human counterparts), which might be true. And they are afraid they will become emotionally attached to their new friend only to lose them in a short period of time. Some of this may be true, however, Neena and Tim's story reminds us of the many blessings and older dog can bring. So remember, love comes in many shapes and sizes and has no age-range.

If you have adopted an older dog, you may have your own story to tell, I would encourage you to share it with us.

If you are thinking of extending your family, consider an older pet companion. Schedule some time this weekend to visit your local animal shelter, humane society or pet specific adoption centers.

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Bring an older pet into your life…

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